Posts about our family life, you’ll get to know more about us by reading our ‘Scrapbook Loves’, Everyday Us, Sunday Scrapbook and other posts. Family posts cover all the topics that don’t really fit anywhere else!

In which I meet some bloggers

Last Saturday I travelled on the train to Southampton to meet some lovely lady bloggers. Southampton was absolutely packed, but it was a really nice festive atmosphere (I reckon the German Christmas market helped!) After some frantic tweeting we met up outside the shopping centre, and then headed away from the the mass of people to Hepwrights, a lovely vintage…

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In which I recap the week in pictures 2, and a ramble

My week so far has been a good one, two cinema trips (and another later, mini reviews coming soon) a couple of days off in the week & some good food and shopping! Quite excitingly I ordered half the books on my Goodreads to-read list (please add me if you have Goodreads, and if you don’t have it, get it!)…

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In which I get a Feel Unique box & an update

For a couple of months I’ve been seeing posts cropping up all over the place about subscription beauty boxes… glossybox/boudoire privee etc and in all honesty felt that I didn’t want to waste £10+ a month on a load of samples of things that I would probably not ever repurchase. Then when looking on the feel-unique website for a present…

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In which I bake (two!)

So I had a tin of boiled condensed milk left, and wanted to make something tasty with it, and this is how I did it. Melt two bars of dark chocolate, about a third of a block of butter and your tin on condensed milk in it;s sticky form over a low heat till it goes all gooey…    …

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