Real Nappy Week – I’m a convert!

So real nappy week has ended, but the real nappies are here to stay! I’m still not 100% sure which brand is my favourite yet but I have a bundle of various different brands arriving that I bought on a facebook nappy selling page. Hopefully after they’ve arrived and we’ve used them for a little while I’ll know what works best for us!
I’ll be honest and say that we are still using disposables at times, this last week we had 2 mega-poop days (hello teething!) and after the first 2 I swapped to disposables for the rest of the day both days. Depending on what we’re up to when we go out we sometimes use disposables too but that’s mainly because we only have a small amount of real nappies in circulation at the moment so I prefer to wash them all in one go so I have a full load.
Firstly a run down of all the brands we were sent to try:

IMG_6178IMG_6179 Grovia Hybrid – A shell with soaker pads that popper in. You can use the shell for more than one nappy change, which is a plus if you are out and about. You can also get biodegradable inserts too for when you are out and about on holiday for example. The cotton soaker pads take days to dry though but are really absorbent! I really like this nappy style despite this, plus it comes in some amazing designs. Grovia all in one – stretchy outer with poppers that do up opposite to the other popper nappies I was sent, the flaps go under and not over. Also very absorbent, also takes ages to dry. The liner is sewn into the nappy, with an option to add another with a popper if necessary. Very slim fitting. Both of these are ‘birth to potty’ nappies. IMG_6181IMG_6180 Cotton Little Lamb – a traditional looking cloth nappy that comes in cotton, fleece or bamboo and in 2 different sizes. VERY absorbent, we have used this over night a couple of times and although wet in the mornings no leaks, although there was a red mark round one thigh which faded over the day. Can be worn with or without a wrap over the top (we use it) dries fairly slowly, but has remained soft so far! One size Little Lamb – birth to potty with a fleecy material and a pocket so you can add however many bamboo boosters required (it comes with two) Dries super fast too, and is really stretchy. IMG_6182IMG_6183 Tots bots easyfit v4 – amazing print variety, velcro is easy to use but Athena undoes it just as fast as I get it on sometimes! the booster is attached so sliding it into the pocket is easy and you can popper another on too if required. Fairly bulky when two are used, but again we used this overnight with no leaks. Dries fairly quickly too, and is made in the UK. IMG_6184IMG_6185 Bambino Mio Solo – Another easy to use birth to potty nappy, it has a little pouch for you to pop your fingers in when you slot the booster into the pocket so it goes in central and not wonky. Laundry tabs mean the velcro doesn’t attach to other things in the wash, and a pull out tab to get the booster out easily. IMG_6186IMG_6187 Smartipants one size – an opening at both ends means the insert is really easy to pop in, and comes out in the wash on its own. The leak guard leg cuffs are cleverly designed and the material on the inner repels solids as well as liquids. Also dries quickly too! IMG_6188IMG_6190 Charlie Banana – one size. A wider back elastic for a comfier fit, and a pocket opening at the front, so you can adjust more easily if needed. These also have a bra strap type adjuster to control the leg tightness from birth to potty. Each nappy comes with 2 boosters. Now my thoughts:

So, dealing with the poop…. I have become slightly more adept at flicking it into the loo! Although in the comments of my last post Carie recommended getting a cheap dishwasher proof spatula that you can use and fling in the wash with the nappies! I will be off to poundland tomorrow I think!I still haven’t solved the problem of disposable liners getting rucked up and therefore not containing the poop as well as I’d hoped! I am going to make some fleece liners out of an old fleece blanket we have (it’s purple so will show stains less!) and use those as the fleece liners do the job a lot better!
I have found that all the boosters are more or less the same size and can therefore be used with different brands, which is useful if you only need one booster but then need to wash that nappy. Athena doesn’t seem to be a heavy wetter, although she drinks water like it is going out of fashion which is a bonus for us as real nappy users as I am only using one more nappy a day (normally 5 in total) than I did with disposables (apart from the two mega-poop days, as normally there is just one in the morning!)
I am not going to ask Nursery to contend with cloth nappies when she starts there in July, but that’s just 2 days a week. I am going to see if my mum will use them when she’s at home with her as she’s having her one day a week too, but perhaps not when they go out. Happily my husband Sam enjoys using cloth nappies although he did gag when he had to put them in the washing machine…
Clothes wise most things still fit as they used to and it helped that we moved into size 12-18 month clothes this week too so there is a lot more room in things.  I had already purchased some vest extenders which pop into the poppers on any vest to lengthen them as Athena is a tall baby and the vest still fitted her torso and were just a bit short, so they came in really handy with the smaller sized vest over a cloth bum. I found mine on ebay from memory.
When baby #2 comes along I think we’ll definitely start with cloth a lot earlier than 10 months… but perhaps not for those newborn ‘ten to twelve nappies a day’ weeks at the start!
If you’re thinking about trying it out and have unanswered questions then this page of resources was really helpful to me as well as this glossary.
So, thanks to The Nappy Gurus, for sending me my first real nappies, getting me hooked and converting me into a cloth bum mum!
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  1. 6th May 2014 / 2:31 pm

    I am so glad you’re a convert! I can’t even bring myself to try them so High 5 to you! x

  2. 6th May 2014 / 10:51 pm

    Yay, so glad you like them and hopefully you will get into such a routine that it will seem so easy x

  3. Toby Goes Bananas
    7th May 2014 / 4:16 pm

    Hurray! So happy you’re converted. I totally recommend trying the bumGenius Freetime – nearly all our nappies are these and they are so easy to use, really absorbent and fast-drying too. Close pop-ins are another favourite. I’m sure you’ll find something you like though and the more you use them the easier it gets!

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