Autumn cosiness

Every year Autumn arrives all of a sudden. The warm days of wandering around in a T shirt are over, my warm jumpers come out of the wardrobe and I might even start to wear something other than flip flops before the month is out! House of Fraser are helping to make Autumn even better with their pretty perfect collection of crazily cozy things!  Furry slippers, gallons of popcorn and fuzzy warm blankets all make for a perfect night in, snuggled on the sofa with a chocolate fondue set… sounds pretty perfect really! Here’s some Autumn Inspiration for you…

Autumn Cozy

I’ve started snapping photos for an autumnal photo post later in the month already, i’m just waiting for the leaves to turn slightly more golden before flinging themselves to the ground, and I need to get searching for a conker tree or two so I can take Athena on a scavenging mission!

What are your favourite Autumn sights & activities?

This is a collaborative post, all words are my own.

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