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It feels like we’ve been living in this house a lot longer than ten weeks, but that’s really all it has been! Most of the rooms in the house are more or less how we want them to be with just a bit of minor decorating to be done, and we are getting a new roof this summer too (apparently it probably won’t last another winter!) but the room that we spend the least time in, the bathroom is definitely the one room that needs so much doing that we don’t know where to start! It is a big room for a bathroom, with a slanted ceiling on one side and a hideous cream coloured bathroom suite with a manky wooden side panel on the bath and an ancient glass shower screen that doesn’t stay where it should and leaks water onto the floor!

Thankfully the bathroom has enough space for a storage shelf for all the cloth nappies, plus two more drawer units, and we have two bathroom cabinets on the wall too. The problem is I just don’t know where to start, but there is a lot of potential! Ideally I’d like to just have the area around the bath tiled and the rest painted, but we’ve no idea what sort of state the walls are in behind the tiles, and judging by some of the grouting probably not good! The basin is really low and old fashioned and even the taps we have are grotty and gross, I cringe every time I have to use them!

Sam and I have quite different tastes in bathrooms, he prefers a modern style, like waterfall taps and rain shower heads, and lots of clean lines. I would prefer a free standing roll top bath, and nice old fashioned screw taps and hand held shower heads! Superbath sell absolutely everything you’d need to revamp a bathroom from start to finish, and stock styles to suit both Sam’s and my tastes! Realistically I know that a roll top bath is probably a bit over the top for the space we have, but I found a lovely looking whirlpool corner bath with a little raised seating area too. I found the perfect taps, old fashioned screw handled Grohe taps which has a lovely matching shower head too.

Sam of course chose a rainfall style Grohe Showers head, which I admit would be lovely but I much prefer baths over showers so wouldn’t use it all that much! He also would prefer a separate shower cubicle, although again financial restraints mean it would be far cheaper to choose a shower over a bath and fit a proper shower screen! The one thing we both agreed on was a double basin! It would mean we could all brush our teeth at once, and that I could leave him to wash his own toothpaste splashes off his own sink!


What does your ideal bathroom look like? And how close are you to getting it?

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  1. 12th June 2016 / 4:41 pm

    I’m like you – I’d love a roll top bath!! I don’t think my bathroom is big enough though… 🙁 x

  2. 14th June 2016 / 11:40 am

    I think a bathroom needs to be a place to relax, just try to keep it neutral in colour then add colours when you feel the need (flowers or decor later on).

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