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I have lived in Birkenstocks since about April this year, my feet can hardly remember what it feels like the be ensconced in socks in fact! However there is no denying that Autumn is pretty much here and will rapidly be followed by Winter and much as i’ll try and eke out the flip flops for a few more weeks I will eventually have to pack them away in favour of something a little warmer! Sam has also recently been harping on about winter boots, he finds it really tricky to get shoes in his ridiculously large size, so tends to find a pair he loves (or, let’s face it happened to be available in a 15!) and wears them to death! We have an alert set up on ebay in fact for when footwear matching his criteria in a 15 pops up! So, here’s our winter footwear wishlist

Untitled #29

So my choices are on the left, and Sam’s on the right. All fairly sturdy options for winter I think! Both Sam and I chose a pair of Caterpillar Boots from M and M, he already has a traditional pair but in the sandy colour and has pretty much worn them to death, but I always complain about how long it takes him to faff around doing the laces when i’m stood at the door holding the baby and all the bags and trying to stop Athena from running away down the stairs! So with that in mind i’m pretty pleased he chose some with elastic and no laces! However I can appreciate how comfy a pair of properly laced up boots with some nice warm fluffy socks would be hence my choice of the traditional style in chocolate brown on the right there!

You also can’t beat a good pair of traditional knee high boots with a mix of tan and black leather, I’ve had my eye on a pair for a couple of years now, so maybe it’s time to invest!

What’s on your winter boot wish list?

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