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Wanderlust: Sweden

This is a collaborative post. Sweden is a country that I would love to visit, and I’ve written before about a Nordic road trip route that I would love to…

Osmo kids coding app review

Coding for kids made fun with Osmo

Coding sounds scary, when I first heard that it would be included in the curriculum for kids I had visions of kids sat working out tricky lines of computer code.…

5 Fun Ways to Use Leftover Fabrics

It’s almost impossible to order precisely the right amount of fabric. Most of us order extra, just in case, and so end up with quite a bit leftover. Even if…

Basic Accessories to Style any Look

Guest post. You do not have to rock the trendiest outfits in town look stylish. If you accessorise properly you can give just any outfit a completely new edge. The…

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