I’m a magazine.co.uk blogger!

I’m very excited to announce that I am now a  magazine.co.uk blogger! If you’re not familiar with them then go familiarise yourself! Basically you can start a subscription for yourself or as a gift for someone else and choose from hundreds of titles, great discounts and free delivery on every subscription too. Divided into plenty of categories to help you find magazines that interest you, the choice is practically endless from, fashion to books, travel to cyber technology!

The site is very easy to navigate, you can pay for subscriptions with credit/debit or paypal (hurrah!) or set up a Direct Debit and even send a free e-card if you’re buying as a gift for someone else! I’ve never really thought about magazine subscriptions as a gift before, but really they’re the gift that keeps on giving, for 12 months at least anyway!


I’ll be reviewing some titles over on The Hub, which is magazine.co.uk’s online blog, where there are already lots of posts, with more coming soon from the new bloggers!

I am trying to be realistic in my expectations with how much time I’ll have once I have two children, although really I should say how little time I’ll have! I think magazines are the way forward in order for me to get my fill of reading and new information, as articles are bitesized and easy to pick back up again should I get distracted! Here’s what I’ll be reviewing over on The Hub:

Psychologies – I’ve only ever read a couple of issues and not for a long time. It’s a magazine for women that differs from your typical cosmo/elle etc. Instead of being full of make-up and fashion advice (and lets face it, with two kids I’ll have very little left over to spend on clothes!) but instead Psychologies aims to enrich the emotional life of the reader. A bold claim so I’m interested to see if it lives up to it!

Storytime – Okay, you can guess that this title is more for Athena (and then her brother when he joins us) than me, but instead of choosing a magazine that’s aligned with a TV program or film I wanted something that would stay relevant whenever we read it, and this fits the bill! Each issue is full of classic children’s tales, from fairy-tales to excerpts from books all accompanied with gorgeous looking illustrations too.

National Geographic – Basically so I can live vicariously though its pages, learning about parts of the world I’ll probably never get to visit, read about things I would have no idea existed and gawp over all the amazing photography too. Then I can share these places with Sam and pester him to let us become a nomadic family trekking round the world…

I’ll keep you posted when my reviews are up over on The Hub, and boy am I looking forward to sneaking off into a hot bubble bath with a fresh magazine as much as I can possibly manage!

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