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posterloungeAs you might know we moved into our new house about three weeks ago. It is slowly starting to feel like home, the boxes are un-packed although nothing is quite where it should be yet! I wanted to try and make the place feel as homely as possible to help the kids settle in, although they’ve both taken it in their stride actually and I needn’t have worried! Our living room and playroom both have picture rails in (a lovely original feature of our home, along with a random stained glass sash window) which means not only can we put up lots of art work without banging holes in the wall but we can moved things around really easily!

Posterlounge asked if we’d like to choose some of their artwork to help decorate our new new home, and with their help it is already feeling a lot more homely, as I think having things on the walls adds a lovely finishing touch and detracts away from the piles of things and untidy shelves!

In the playroom I chose three prints to hang, one small alphabet print and two larger ones (A3 sized) I especially love the ‘Be so happy that when others look at you they become happy’ print, I think it’s a good motto to live by! I then found a print of one of my favourite sayings from a film ever (Ferris Buellers Day Off, go and watch it if you’ve never seen it, is is awesome!) This is a bigger print that will eventually get hung opposite the top of our stairs, so it’s the last thing you see before you leave the house, but it’s a tricky wall to get to to bang a nail into so it will have to wait for a DIY day! At the moment it’s the first thing you see when you come into our living room.

Finally we’d been thinking about what to put on the big blank wall in the dining area for a little while, contemplating a mirror but deciding against it in the end as it would be too high to be useful. After a lot of browsing through the PosterLounge selection (seriously, there are so many nice prints to choose from, over 300,000!) we both picked out this gorgeous map of the world print. It’s much more elaborate than a standard map, and has boats and hot air balloons, looking sort of patchy worky! It’s really nice to gaze up at during breakfast and dream about where we could go one day!

For each design that you like, you can choose both the size and type of material you get it printed on, standard poster, forex canvas etc. I chose to have posters for the smaller prints as I can easily swap them around in clip frames to hang from our picture rails. The map print I chose to have put on canvas, and it arrived well wrapped and ready to hang, within 48 hours of ordering!

A big thank you to Posterlounge for sending us these prints to make our home feel more homely!

4 thoughts on “Interiors: Posterlounge prints

  1. I LOVE that world map print; absolutely stunning! I’ve already got a world map and two map-covered chests of drawers in my room, but I now really want that one too :p You can never inspire too much wanderlust, right? xxx P.S. Also loving the dreamcatcher one. I might have to start putting posters on the ceiling- I’ve run out of wall space 🙂

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I am always looking out for new artwork and things to put on the walls and these look great. off to look at their website x

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