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One of the things I feel is really important for our children  to understand more about  is  other people and parts of the world.  Our world is so diverse and  finding out more about it is something I’ve always loved doing, though when I was a child this was learning via encyclopedias and tv  documentaries aimed at adults.  Now with the  arrival of  the internet, tablets and  clever technology  and our favourite   tech-meets-play   system Osmo has  created a super fun and very clever way for kids to learn more about our  world.

The Detective Agency pack   lets you travel to six famous cities inspecting clues  with a magnifying glass on the maps, learning more about them  as you go. Kids will also  develop focus and  observation skills as they need to find specific  things from the clues to progress.

osmo review

osmo detective agency game

The cities are  Paris, Beijing, New York, Sydney, Cairo,  Rio di Janeiro , as well as the fictional Osmo Town and also a World Map – great for some geography skills!  With the app and the Osmo  base to stand your tablet in you get guided through the game depending on which map you have open. The red  reflector then sees what the magnifying glass   does and  the app knows – it’s really very clever!

What we really loved about the Detective Agency game is that it started up so many conversations about the parts of the world we were looking at, which in turn  had us looking up how to say  ‘hello’ in different languages and searching YouTube to see what homes and schools look like.

Another thing both kids are getting excited about it Christmas now Halloween has past.   They know that everyone celebrates  Christmas in their own way here in England, but we’ve started to find out about how other countries  traditions are different from ours.   For example Nativity scenes are big business in Brazil,  and in France  Pere Noel (aka Father Christmas) isn’t accompanied by elves but by a man dressed in black!

Every time we use Osmo I’m amazed and impressed with how clever it is, and how the kids love it and are learning without realising it! I get updates via email  telling me how they’re doing   and enjoy playing the games with them too. You can see the whole Osmo range and find out more about how it works and why it’s so great for hands on learning on their Amazon Store.


2 thoughts on “Osmo Detective Agency Review

  1. I absolutely love this idea, such a different toy. It looks so clever, My son is only 3 and a half, reckon heโ€™s too young?

  2. This looks so good. I’m more than happy for my boys to be on screens but it’s good to have stuff like this that is more educational. I’m going to get it! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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