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  • Everyday Us – Visiting Santa

    Everyday Us – Visiting Santa
  • Athena & Arlo in December 2018

    Athena & Arlo in December 2018
  • Style: Working out with Souluxe

    Style: Working out with Souluxe
  • The Christmas Tag

    The Christmas Tag

In which I DIY–T shirt

the easiest DIY in the worrrrrld Take 1 T shirt & a pair of scissors. (I used a male L t shirt) Lay it flat   Fold the sleeve over on its self, then once more to same width as the sleeve (Does that make sense?!) this helps you know where to cut Cut in a curved line from where the sleeve met the side hem of the t shirt when you reach the sleeve…

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Fashion Questions #4

[part 1 & part 2 & part 3]  16. You and someone wearing matching clothes These are the only two occasions I can remember! 17. An article of clothing that you made or altered This black shirt/dress thing from H&M was lined at the top as well as under the skirt. I removed the body lining so I can wear bright coloured bandeau bras under it… (what a tart) which admittedly I am not doing…

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In which I find a patch of sun

  Shorts: Gap, Top: Primark Cardigan: Peacocks, Scarf: Borrowed from Sister in law to be (she knitted it!)       I wore this at some point on my holiday, lots of layers to add/subtract depending on the sun/wind/rain (I also was sporting a rather fetching waterproof jacket (which was a bargain 14.99 from tk maxx boys section, it even has a name/school/class label!)) I was chasing this stupid top down in my local primark, but…

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Fashion Questions #3

[part 1 & part 2 …I am back from holiday but as of today am on a 9 day straight at work so not sure how much I will be posting between work & reading the hunger games, and the backlog of blog posts from my week away… so tempted to click ‘mark all as read’ but scared I might miss a gem!] 11. A piece of jewellery that a Grandparent gave you. My grandma left…

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In which I ride Dragons

In January I went to Germany, and did a few little daytrips with Emily who was living there at the time, below is a video we made in Worms, where we rode dragons (I’m not lying, I promise) Oh and you get a mini Germany lesson from Emily!        

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Fashion Questions #2

[Continued from my last post, as I am still on my holibobs!]   6. A pair of pants that aren’t jeans. Leggings is a close as I get to ‘pants’ (obviously if I took this literally I could show you my knicker drawer…?) apart from a couple of pairs of suit trousers that I’ve not worn for over 2 year. I’m not putting them on for a picture, I don’t even know why I am…

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Fashion Questions #1

  I’ve seen a few blogs where people answer ‘30 questions in 30 days’, but there is no way I could post daily for 30 days, so I’ve broken the questions into chunks of five, and will post them as and when! (and now I am on holiday on a boat sans laptop, you may well get a few this week!)   1. Your closet. I’m guessing whoever wrote this is American… I have 2…

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