Pre-Writing Activities for Kids Letter Recognition and Tracing

Parents often find themselves getting annoyed and fed up by the abstract art created by their young geniuses all throughout their homes. Indiscriminate scribbling on the floor, wall, tables, and chairs might be painful in the eyes but it’s also a sign that the child is getting ready to learn some writing skills. 

 Scribbling and tracing are two crucial activities that help children secure a firm foundation for writing. According to experts, both scribbling and tracing work effectively in ramping up a variety of primary skills every toddler needs to develop. These include drawing skills, creativity, spatial awareness, concentration, mental focus, and fine motor and pre-writing skills.

 Encouraging children to engage with scribbling activities doesn’t have to be expensive. Parents can utilize discarded office papers that offer enough space on the back page. Parents must take note that scribbling is entirely different in nature and principle from letting children work on coloring books. The former allows the children to be free in creating their own pictures and in expressing their ideas. Experts recommend talking with children about their work. A parent can ask his/her child what the final output is all about.

 Kids Academy: Talented and Gifted writing app for kindergarten offers a wide range of interactive online learning tools for toddlers who are about to engage in pre-writing activities. These tracing activities are designed with fun and aesthetically pleasing graphics to keep toddlers engaged and ensure high quality learning. 

 Letter Tracing

Scribbling and tracing activities help develop and refine children’s fine motor skills. Toddlers at 2 to 4 years old will surely enjoy tracing letters with these cool Letter Tracing activities by Talented and Gifted. As they trace through the lines of letters and numbers, children get to enhance their visual-spatial awareness. These activities improve hand-eye coordination while nurturing a child’s pre-writing skills. These come with a sample sentence for concept emphasis.

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Letters and numbers are composed of curved and straight lines connected altogether. These tracing activities by Talented and Gifted allow children to become familiar with a set of straight lines and curves as an introduction to proper writing of letters and numbers. In these activities, children get to trace shapes as well as paths or patterns from left to right, top to bottom. Later on, children can move up to tracing actual letters and numbers until they are able to master the basic lines and curves that make up such prints. These worksheets will definitely help kids master those skills.


 Number Tracing

Teaching kids to write and count numbers has never been this easy. These number tracing games help children develop and refine key pre-writing skills such as visual-spatial awareness, creativity, focus, and many others. Colorful graphics with easy to follow directions make number writing easy and fun. 

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 Tracing and Drawing

Tracing and drawing activities are designed to ignite a child’s creativity as they learn the proper way of writing letters and numbers. These enjoyable activities by Talented and Gifted help kids to enhance their hand-eye coordination and muscle memory which are very crucial in more complex writing and drawing activities later on. With colorful graphics and fun characters, every child becomes actively engaged in establish a firm foundation for drawing and writing.

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Kids Academy: Talented and Gifted is an interactive learning app designed to cater the academic development needs of children 2 — 10 years old. It is one of the most preferred baby learning apps by parents worldwide. All the learning tools are aligned with New York State Generation Learning Standards and Common Core State Standards. With the help of early childhood education experts, the Talented and Gifted program strikes a perfect balance between learning and playing. A perfect solution for continuous online learning that warrants active engagement.


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