Stuff on a Sunday 56

It’s been a funny couple of weeks, they seem to have flown by although we’ve not done anything too exciting up till last weekend! A lovely sunny weekend two weeks ago saw us have a lovely family day out, Athena played at the splash pad, both kids in the park and then we had lunch together in the sun. We’ve all got a few more freckles and spent a wonderful day together. Sadly the next weekend was a bit different as we both ended up working on our days off so didn’t have a full day together as a family but beggars can’t be choosers eh! We got Athena an early birthday present of a bike, and in the excitement I managed to lock us out of the house… baby brain still going strong!

Last week I hosted a few friends at home for a tea party as part of #TheBigBreastfeedingCafe, organised by Medela. We got the babies together, ate biscuits and drank tea and chatted about extended breastfeeding amongst other boob-related bits and bobs! Oh, and Athena and her friend spent a joyful time emptying out the contents of two chests of drawers all over her bedroom floor, the little ratbag!


I’m still sleep deprived so no change there, although we treated ourselves to a snazzy new mattress. It’s about double the width of the mattress we had before so the bed is ridiculously high now but oh so comfortable! A thick memory foam top layer and oodles of springs means that on the off chance I manage to get a few hours sleep means it’s a comfy sleep at least!


On Friday we headed to Chessington to stay at their brand new Explorer Glamping site, it launches this Friday coming but i’ll be sharing lots of photos about that in a blog post this week!  The car broke down on the way home (suddenly no acceleration, but god bless the RAC and  a new accelerator pedal and whatever else it was he did… I got into bed with Arlo at half six and fell asleep till midnight, glamping is tiring when you’ve got a toddler who decides that THAT is the night she wants to get up to pee twice during the night…


On Sunday we spent the day in London (all day in fact thanks to Southern Rail’s ridiculous train service!) but we saw the premier of the new Thomas & friends film, it was the first time we’d taken the kids to the cinema and they both loved it! Well, Arlo slept through it but look excited before that! We then did a bit of shopping, wondered around Covent Garden and then had dinner together, which was a lovely experience if a little stressful with two tired kids, one of whom who was just determined to climb out of his highchair!


This month seems to have flown by, next month is Athenas birthday (party planning in full swing) then after that I need to organise Arlo’s christening, and of course it’s fathers day at the end of the month too! Thankfully Snapfish came to the rescue with a well timed email asking if I wanted to design a couple of things from their gift range. Thankfully Sam doesn’t read my blog so won’t see these before I get them wrapped up, but I chose a mug and a table top photo panel. It’s like a photo frame without the need for fiddling about getting a photo in and out! It’s a gloriously shiny print of our last Me & Mine photo, and it will look perfect on his desk at work (which means I get to see it too as we work together!) The items took 8 days to arrive, and came well packaged so no worrying about them arriving broken! Takes the hassle out of Fathers Day for sure, although we’ll do a few paintings for him at home too so the kids can get involved! Thanks Snapfish!

So this post was meant to go up yesterday but due to me conking out on Saturday night and getting home at gone 10pm last night my laptop had a weekend off! We’re off out to meet a friend for brunch soon then hopefully nice long naps for the kiddos, and mama!

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