Sunday Scrapbook: It’s okay to not be okay

I’m struggling. I can’t seem to get anything done properly. My house is a tip (more than it normally is) and there are piles of clean washing that have been waiting to be put away for over a week. I have adminy paper work to file for household stuff, and last year’s tax return to file work wise. I have a gazillion blog posts to write in my head (thankfully nothing review wise is outstanding as I’ve been saying no to most things) and no time to get them actually written. Then when I do write a post I don’t have time to schedule any promotion for it so nobody reads it anyway!

I want a holiday, I need a break, I need to savour this last summer with Athena before she starts school and grows up. I need to start exercising, I need to find the time, but there doesn’t seem to be any. All I want to do in my ‘spare’ time is curl up and read a book. The plus to this is that I am 5 books ahead of my yearly reading challenge so far… the minus is that nothing is getting done because I don’t have the energy or enthusiasm. I’m just feeling blue really, and I know it is okay to feel down, and I think admitting that I’m not okay at the moment is probably the first step to being okay again, right?

I’m partly blaming the weather, and the constant dull headache the heat and pressure seem to give me! It’s sent me all out of sorts, along with a need to follow up on an abnormal smear test with a colposcopy, it’s on Wednesday so not long to wait (God bless the NHS) and thankfully for two days before that I am actually going away, with a bunch of gorgeous blogging ladies for a proper little relaxing break! I have also been compiling some pretty lovely goody bags for us all, and I made them up last night and I am really hoping everyone likes them!

Sam took this before we shoved the kids into the car on Friday morning as we’d parked next to a photogenic brick wall, and I actually really like it! Arlo and Athena look super cheeky and I actually have a tan! I was heading over to do some filming with Kate & Chelle, but I’ll share more about that when Kate has painstakingly edited the footage, we did ramble on a bit!

We had a lovely little trip to the splash pad (meeting a lovely new friend that I met on instagram) park and beach on Wednesday morning, before heading home and trying to stop the kids from killing each other several times over for the rest of the day, and it was a similar situation on Saturday too. Most of the time they are best pals, but sometimes they just wind each other up, and me! There was even blood drawn yesterday, and our neighbours probably think the screaming is something a lot more sinister! I think I’m just exhausted so everything seems so much more stressful, I have less patience with everything. Gosh this is such a “woe is me” post isn’t it? Sorry to be a debbie-downer, but life isn’t all unicorns and happiness is it!

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and if you wanted to catch up with me I’ll be over on instagram stories on my little break, hopefully, re-charging!



5 thoughts on “Sunday Scrapbook: It’s okay to not be okay

  1. I think sometimes life just gets like this, with so much to do and no time to do it and you do need a break to almost reset yourself. Hopefully your blogging break will help – I’m very jealous that I can’t come! Oh and I hear you about trying to stop the kids fighting – it drives me insane!!

  2. Life gets so overwhelming sometimes, doesn’t it? Enjoy curling up with your books honey, you need that time for yourself xx

  3. Gosh this sounds like me. You’re doing everything and anything, running around like a blue-arsed fly, but it still feels like nothing’s been done or accomplished, Right?

    I’ve concluded that we’re all way too hard on ourselves and, actually, we’re doing a bloody good job. On top of work and chores, we’re keeping our kids alive! We’re hardly sitting on our backsides doing nothing. Something is always being done – we just don’t know it.

    You’ve recently left your job to take on blogging and social media “stuff” full time (forgive me, if I listed everything you do I’d need a new commend field!!), which is going to take a long time to adjust to. You still also have a hubby that’s busy and two sprogs that keep you on your toes. You’re doing brilliantly! It’s just hard, I guess, to feel like you’ve ticked something off a list but you are. You do so much and you should be proud of yourself. Xxx

  4. This sounds very much like me, but is it bad that it’s not just Sundays? I find motivation very hard to come by, then when I do have some it can quickly either fizzle out or something will get in the way. (In this case, a very sore back issue that makes doing most things painful, especially something like standing at a sink) We have lots of things to get done and not enough time for it to be done. So I sit, procrastinate, the day flies away and I am again left with nothing done and feeling like a bit of a failure. Ooops, sorry, starting to wallow here but I sincerely hope the smear test follow up has a good result for you. xx

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