The mobile phone conundrum

In my day job in digital marketing and as a blogger you can imagine how much time I spend online. A lot of this time is on my phone too, even when I’m working from home in front of my laptop as it’s easier to pick it up to check something on Instagram, see my slack notifications or find out what an ad looks like on mobile vs desktop.

I also need to stay connected when I’m working in clients offices, at meetings out and about and on my train journeys to and from London. Not having to worry about my days usage is fairly important to me so I don’t end up incurring lots of extra charges or miss something vital because I had my data turned off so it wouldn’t run out.

My current mobile contract is coming to and end soon and my meagre 4gb of data just does not meet my needs anymore- I need at least 10 but ideally unlimited.  I’m also at that annoying stage where I have a month left of my contract so am being pestered to stay with my current provider by them but I’m sure there are unlimited sim only deals out there I can snap up! This would mean not being tied to an expensive contract with a brand new phone, and being able to use as much data as needed. Not worrying when you’re out and about that you’ll reach your limit would be a game changer for me. You either end up paying over the odds for 2 or 3 more GB a month, or cut off!  You can use a sim only deal with your current handset too, so a great option for saving money and not splashing out on a new handset. Three seem to have some great deals, some which include worldwide roaming – which would be great for my trip to America in January!

My other conundrum is which handset to go for! New handsets are released yearly but contract these days are for 24 months, so your phone will soon be ‘out of date’ versus the current models. I know not a lot really changes between phones year on year but when tech does change it does it fast! For me as a blogger and instagrammer having a great camera is super important – as it the ability to be able to sync all my photos and files and accounts between my devices. As a windows user I think I will stick with android, but upgrade to the latest Samsung plus model to ensure I get the biggest screen possible!

Are you on a contract, or pay as you go? How did you decide?


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