Ways to get your body holiday ready

Making sure you’re in tip top shape, ready for your holiday is very important to a majority of people travelling this Summer. There are tonnes of ways you can get in shape for this, this list will take you through some of the best ideas on how to get in shape.

  1. Gym Instructor Course

Attending different fitness courses can really help out with your fitness. And you never know it called make you fall in love with fitness and you could possibly even make you take a career change. These gym instructor courses from Discovery Learning, are very interesting, and if you take this seriously you will have your dream body in no time!


  1. Working Out in the Office

It may sound crazy but you can actually work out, while you are at work. Making small changes to your work routine can really make a big difference, for example walking to work, saying no to elevators and keeping a good posture while you are working. Another way you can workout in the office is to do some simple workouts such as, push ups, lunging and calf raises. Things that wont take up too much of your day, stretching is also something that can really help you in the long run.


  1. Finding the right Diet

Whether you are trying to bulk or cut, a good diet is a great way to get in shape. Making sure that you are on top of what you’re eating it should be fine. If you could hire a personal trainer or a nutritionist, this will really help you. Its much better having someone telling you what to eat instead of having to think for yourself. But the thing is with dieting everyone seems to have “cheat days” these are very common, but its better if you just don’t have any cheat days such as McDonalds, Burger King or a few Beers down the pub.


If you follow these three steps, I’m sure you will have your dream body in no time. Please take a look at this infographic for more information on working out in your Office.

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