Review: Personalised Bar Necklace from Find Me A Gift

A few months ago I lost one of my favourite necklaces, it was personalised and I only took it off as I was getting a massage! I stupidly left it in the robe pocket and didn’t realise until I was at home again! Much as I wish I’d not lost it I’ve now got a new favourite which I’ve worn daily since it arrived! I picked it from the vast selection at Find Me a Gift.

I’m a stickler for rose-gold accents, and my wedding ring has a rose gold band in the centre of it, I had to have it specially made as I couldn’t find anything with rose gold in at the time, it’s a lot more fashionable these days! Anyway, this solid silver bar has been dipped in rose gold, and I love the two tone accent. You can choose to have personalised engraving up to four sides, with a choice of fonts. As it is coming up to my fifth wedding anniversary I wanted something to commemorate that, and to replace my other necklace as something I could wear every day. I also love to fiddle with necklaces, and the weight of this one makes it perfect to hold, bounce off my chest or slide around the chain… do I sound a little bit weird or does everyone like to fiddle with their jewellery!?

On the side of the bar that faces forwards I chose the words ‘ding dong’ as we had traditional church bells playing at our wedding, then the phrase ‘where there is love… there is life’ on the next two sides and our anniversary date on the last side. I think the font is just so pretty, and it’s easy to read as it’ stamped in black so stands out well! The chain has another hoop to close it so you can choose the length of your necklace, 18 or 16 inches – perfect for layering it with others which is something I am loving at the moment!

PThere were so many styles of jewellery to choose from on Find me a Gift but I am so happy with the Personalised Bar Necklace that I chose! I think personalised gifts are so special, and there is so much choice on the website, gifts of all types to suit recipients of all ages! I’m really happy to be giving someone else the chance to win one of these necklaces, which can be personalised with different metals, silver, rose gold or black, different colour dips and of course whatever you want written on it! The giveaway ends on Sunday 26th November and with any luck you’ll get your necklace in time for Christmas!

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