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There are two ways to work with me: Scrapbook Blog (so this blog & associated social media) or Scrapbook Social (Digital marketing services)

 Ways to work with SCRAPBOOK BLOG:

  • Reviews – items and experiences relevant to us as a family and our readership. I love working on fun campaigns.
  • Bespoke blog posts for this blog & brands own websites to help highlight a service/company, and/or share on social media channels.
  • Hosting pre written, relevant content
  • Advertisements (banner, sidebar etc)
  • Stats: DA34, circa 26-30k hits average per month, 27k combined social media followers
  • Please note: I am happy for companies/brands to  email me  regarding product/experience reviews etc, however I will only collaborate if I feel the subject/product is relevant to me or my family. I am always honest about my opinions after a thorough testing period. I will always state if I have received an item to review, and will disclose if a post is written in collaboration with a brand.  See my media kit here  for further stats and info, and below is a selection of brands I’ve worked with over the years.

Ways to work with SCRAPBOOK SOCIAL for digital marketing services:

Scrapbook Social is the umbrella under which I work as a freelance social media & community manager, I currently work with baby/child related brands but am willing and eager to dip my toe in other fields.

  • Blogger outreach campaigns – increase your brand/products’ visibility, launch new items or re-advertise existing products
  • Social Media Management tailored to your business across all platforms
  • Blogging/writing for your website (copywriting, blurbs, product descriptions, newsletters)
  • Non blog related emails:  LaurenBFreelance[at]

I also do the odd bit of hotel/accommodation consultancy – pre kids I was a hotel manager for one of Brighton’s largest and busiest hotels!

 To talk to me about working together: or see what I’m up to:

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