Santa’s Circus, Panto time and other festive things!

[This post contains two gifted experiences] Is anyone else starting to feel super festive yet? Traditionally I’ve always been a bit of a bah-humbug but since I had kids I’ve started to feel festive earlier and earlier each year, and though our tree isn’t up  just yet it will be this weekend! The kids have started rehearsing for their Christmas…

Wetmore Forest Monsters review

Toys: Wetmore Forest Monsters from John Lewis

Wetmore Forest is an imaginary rainforest in the Pacific Northwest and it’s the home of   six monsters, each with their own personalities and looks! They’re now available from John Lewis,   and creatures include plush cuddly toys, story books and Funko Pop! characters. Although they’re called monsters they’re actually very loveable and quite cute too! Here’s an intro to the gang……

kids in animal heads

Scrapbook Loves – November 2019

Bosh, another month has flown past and we’re on the countdown to a new decade. How crazy!  Here’s   my roundup of bits and bobs from the last month… Read This month I read the  seven novels below, bringing me to a total of 70 books so far.  I would definitely  recommend The Cows , and now I want to read…

me and mine november 19

Me & Mine November 19

I forgot we took our Viaduct  photos at the start of the month so took another  one when we were in Kent last weekend. I love the colours in this photo  and it will always remind me Arlo and I taking a detour and ending up  on our own in the middle of nowhere off the main walkway, singing ‘I’m…

Christmas Gift Guide: Kid’s Books to inspire and entertain

We adore books in this house, both fact and fiction. I’ve put together some great ideas from both categories that kids (and big kids!) will love! There is also a giveaway at the end of the post too… Little Monstries Big Adventures:  available here.     Little Monstrie is a shy student at school,  and  has lots of challenges to overcome, and …

Exploring Canterbury & YHA Canterbury review

We stayed at YHA Canterbury in one of their cosy wooden lodges. We explored Canterbury town, the Christmas markets and the local woodland. It was the perfect base!

Toffee The Pony Toy Review

Toys: Toffee the Pony Emotion Pets Review

When your child reallllly wants a pet but you don’t have  the time/room/money (especially when they’d quite like a pony!)  Emotion Pets are a great way to   give them the pet experience . We have been sent Toffee the Pony from the  Emotion Pets range available at Very. Toffee the Pony is a super soft plush  toy with animatronic eyes…

Frozen 2 Sven reindeer review

Frozen 2: Singing Elsa & Playdate Sven Toys

Two Frozen 2 toys that are sure to be popular this Christmas – Singing Elsa & Playdate Sven!

Interiors: How to Make a Small Room look Bigger

There’s always that one small room in the house that we struggle to make full use of. If it’s not the bedroom for the unlucky sibling, it’s used as some sort of dumping ground for bits and pieces which you just haven’t managed to find a home for yet. This is usually because no-one wants to spend too much time…

advent calendar filling ideas

25 Advent calendar filler ideas

In a bid to reduce waste and give useful gifts this year will be the second year we’ve used  a ‘fill your own’ advent calendar. Last year the kids shared one  (though they got a surprise each) but this year they will have their own as we have been sent a wooden light up calendar from the Sue Ryder  Online…

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids + Giveaway!

Some inspiration for (mostly) educational kids gifts, like puzzles, games and crafty things.

me and mine october 19

Me and Mine October 2019

October  was a busy one for us,  Sam was away for a long weekend snowboarding  as well as doing a lot of running! He did a cross country run and ‘The Great South Run’ in Portsmouth – the kids and I tried to spot him on the telly but didn’t have any luck! I took the kids away the London…