3 Housekeeping Hacks for a Busy Family

Keeping your home clean and tidy isn’t the most important part of family life — but it can prevent bugs and viruses spreading and help you feel more organised. When you’re juggling work commitments with a clutch of messy kids and pets you need all the help you can get to keep your interior spick and span — otherwise you’ll spend every spare second at the end of a vacuum cleaner.

So here are three housekeeping hacks for a busy family that should help…

Children’s storage

Kids accumulate an amazing amount of clothes, toys and gadgets — so if you’re not careful your home will swiftly resemble a jumble sale. But innovative children’s storage solutions look cool and ensure that their bedrooms as well as shared spaces like kitchens and living rooms are safe and neat.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Honeycomb shelves can showcase your science-mad teen’s sci-fi memorabilia while preventing it colonising the floor and labelled drawers and baskets encourage younger kids to sort and separate their clothes effectively while making getting dressed each morning super-efficient. A pegboard’s another practical and trendy space-saving idea for storing baskets of toys, clothes or computer accessories.

Door mats

When your children and pets spend a lot of time in the great outdoors, the humble door mat will become your favourite household product. Controlling interior dust and dirt is made doubly difficult when debris is dragged in from outside on a daily basis. Investing in a high-quality mat can protect your carpets and flooring.

There are lots of styles available — from heavy duty dirt trapper mats to personalised products that offer friends and family a warm welcome as well as a timely reminder to wipe their feet.

Wet Rooms

Bath-time is essential for keeping your family clean but you’re often left with an almighty mess to tidy up with a mop and bucket. But a wet room might be easier to maintain and it could enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house. Provided it’s fitted properly, this bathroom design makes the entire room completely waterproof and there’s minimal mopping required as the floor has a gradient that channels excess water directly into a drain, so kids can make as much mess as they want but there’s little chance they’ll do permanent damage.

Wet rooms also make your bathroom look more sleek and spacious — providing you and your partner with a well-deserved touch of luxury when you do get some time to yourself.

These three housekeeping hack for a busy family allow you to create a comfortable and relaxed home environment that’s surprisingly easy to keep clean.

Do you have any timesaving housekeeping tips? Share your advice in the comments section.

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