4 Fun Ways To Make Your Garden Enjoyable For The Kids

A garden can provide you with many opportunities to get creative. Once the summer arrives, you can get outside and plant rows upon rows of beautiful flowers. Then, you can invite all of your friends over for a barbecue or just lounge on the patio. While these are great ideas for adults, your kids may miss out on some of the garden fun.

Kicking a ball about on the grass is enough to keep any child entertained; however, there are ways to step it up and make your garden a truly entertaining place. Read on to find out how you can make your garden more fun for the kids.

Make An Outdoor Toy Room

One downside to having kids is the impressive mess they seem to make wherever they go. You might have grown used to picking up after them, but wouldn’t it be nice for them to have a place where making a mess doesn’t matter so much?

Your garden shed is the perfect place to store all of their summer toys and let them participate in messy activities. Any mess that occurs in your garden is going to be washed away by the rain, so why not use your garden shed to store paints and a table to let them be crafty outside. That way your furniture and carpets stay cleaner for longer. Shedstore has a wide range of garden sheds, so you can find one that’s the perfect size for a unique toy storage space. And, while you’re at it, why not add Perspex Sheets to surfaces to make sure any messy play can be easily cleaned up?

Create A Fairy Garden

Teaching young children about the fragility of objects can be a challenge, especially since they aren’t likely to own any fragile items themselves. Younger children find it difficult to empathise with others, and you do not want to raise your voice every time the football hits one of your planters.

Creating a fairy garden out of china models or matchstick fencing is a great way to give your children a gentle activity and something to look after. This fragile play area can teach them the value of looking after fragile objects while letting them stretch their creative muscles.

Encourage Wildlife

The summer months are often host to all manner of garden creatures. Unfortunately, a garden full of children isn’t the most inviting of environments. This does not mean that your kids have to miss out on seeing some of this varied wildlife. You can ask them to help you assemble a bird table or a bat box to encourage these creatures to visit your garden. The more things they are likely to see, the more interesting your garden becomes.

Sow Their Own Seeds

Boy in blue and white stripe shirt sitting on brown wooden bench

Flowers may not be the most interesting thing in your garden for a young child; however, there is a way to make them take an interest. Kids are more likely to get involved in something when they feel a sense of ownership. Try to let your kid’s plant a few seeds of their own and they will become more excited when they start to appear. What’s more, this is a great way to encourage some responsibility.


You don’t have to venture too far out of the house to provide your kids with some outdoor fun during the holidays. Try to make your garden a place they enjoy using these tips and you’ll find they appreciate the space much more.

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