4 Things to instantly make you feel cosy

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At this time of year I always feel like hibernating, freezing cold over nights, gloomy in the daytime and frosty or wet weather to contend with when you do need to venture out of the house. However hibernating isn’t an option unless you’re a bear or a tortoise and I am neither! Instead I like to make myself feel as cosy as possible at home, which is a pretty draughty Victorian house, with tall ceilings and gappy floor boards – so it can take a bit of work to feel really cosy.

Start with the feet!

The first thing I focus on is my feet and keeping my toes warm, I have lovely fleece lined slippers for roaming around the house in, but when I’m curled up on the sofa I kick them off and prefer to keep my feet cosy with quality women’s socks. Preferably some with wool or cashmere content for that super soft and warm feel or fleecy lined socks like Heat Holders, which are also amazing for wearing with wellies on winter walks when you do venture out of the house!

Cover Up

Next up I make sure we have a few blankets in the living room at all times, actually even in the summer! You can either have them over your legs if they’re stretched out on a footstool, around your shoulders or wrapped up completely like a cocoon! We have some proper quilts which are quite heavy (so not quite a weighted blanket but heavier than a fleecy throw) and some lighter knitted throws too.

Wintery Scents

An oil diffuser, wax burner or scented candles are a really easy way to create a lovely aroma. For winter think heady aromas peppered with cinnamon, fig, cedar and spiced everything, especially around Christmas time! Perhaps vanilla, honey and appley scents are more to your taste. Either way, a candle or wax burner sending a gorgeous scent around the room is the ideal way to start feeling cosy. Also the flickering light of candles is really comforting, and can even help to heat up a room, especially if you use terracotta pots as candle holders.

Warm Lights

Thanks to having  lights in our living room that can be dimmed or changed from warm to daylight at the touch of an app we’re able to change the mood in the room easily, but having candles and strings of lights with warm bulbs really helps too! Strung over the tops of picture frames, or along shelves, fireplaces and window frames works really well to create a cosy atmosphere – though I’d avoid lights that flash dramatically and stick to always-on or a gentle twinkling! We have a string of globe lights going right the way around the top of our room where the walls meet the ceiling, it was easy to tack them into the decorative moulding and it really does make the room feel much cosier.


So if you’re feeling like you could do with some extra cosiness this winter, stick the kettle on for your favourite warm drink and try out some of these ideas to add a warm glow to your home and your body!

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