4 Travel Photography Tips for Amateurs

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When you are setting off on an adventure and exploring different places, you want to capture the best moments, the moments that you can look back on for years and relive the experience. Beautiful photos are not just souvenirs, but snapshots of incredible memories that you can share with others and inspire them to make your recent adventure their next one. To truly represent the spirit of a place, you want your photos to be the best they can, not some pixelated, blurry, or off-center images. 

If the prospect of travel photography is totally new to you though, and you have no clue where to start, here are 4 tips for beginners, so you can ace your travel photography and create some memories.  

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Invest in a Good Camera

If you are just starting to look at buying a camera for travel photography, then the prices may come as a bit of a shock. You may think, “Do I need this?” or “Can’t I just use my phone?”. However, cameras are worth every cent. Investing in a good camera is absolutely worth it as a high-quality camera can last you years with the right care. What’s more, the ability to capture amazing memories for years to come is priceless. If travel photography is something you are truly passionate about, then a camera is a must.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Once you have got yourself a camera, whether that’s a DSLR, Mirrorless, or Point and Shoot, practice makes perfect. Take the time to inform yourself on all the features of your camera, play around with different settings, take inspiration from other photographers – anything that works for you. We can’t all become master photographers overnight, but by practicing with different shots, you’ll find your style and creative flair. After all, you can never take too many photos. Experiment with different angles, frames, times of day, location, and more. There’s always more to learn and discover when it comes to you and your camera.

Natural Light is Your Friend, But Be Careful of the Time

The timing of your photoshoots is important when it comes to the light. Using natural light from the sun is your friend, but you want to get the time of day right. The hours around sunrise and sunset are known as ‘golden hours’ and create a beautiful warm glow that enables you to take stunning images. If you are shooting in the middle of the day when the sun is at its highest and brightest, you may find that photos are over exposed with extreme shadowing. If it is cloudy, however, this can take some of harshness away and soften the light even at the sun’s peak. To make the most of the best natural light, research the sunrise and sunset times wherever you are traveling, and be prepared to wake up early or stay out late to get the best shots. 

Think About Composition

Composition is a word in photography you may have heard of before but are not quite sure what it’s all about. To put it simply, composition is how all the individual elements of a photo combine to create an overall picture. Composition can change with the distance, angle, light, focus, and more. When deciding on the composition of your photo, you may want to think about what the aim of your photo is. Do you want the viewer’s attention to be drawn to a particular part of the photo or a photo to interpreted in a certain way? Learning the ins and outs of photography composition takes time, but is worth it in the long run.

There’s always more to learn if you are an amateur travel photographer, but with these tips, you will have a great foundation to build on and find your inner photographer. Enjoy capturing those amazing memories!

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