5 Advantages of Artificial Grass

A lush green lawn is an iconic symbol of pride for any homeowner, but it comes with a price. Maintenance, watering and weeding can take a lot of time and money, but thankfully there’s an easier way to enjoy a perfect lawn: artificial grass from New Lawn.

Gone are the days of cheap-looking fake grass. Technological advances have seen to it that artificial lawn fibres are now soft, hard wearing and provide a totally natural look. If you want to achieve a fantastic-looking lawn which can be enjoyed by all the family, but you also want to make life easy for yourself, why not consider installing artificial grass in your front or back garden? Here’s just a handful of reasons why it makes sense:

Artificial grass is low maintenance

Just imagine a life without watering, weeding and mowing. Sounds too good to be true, right? Not with an artificial lawn! To maintain your lawn, all you’ll need to do is occasionally clear leaves away and give it a quick rake/brush over.

The child-friendly alternative

If you’re worried about the safety of your kids when they’re playing in your garden, you can enjoy complete peace of mind that artificial turf is completely child-friendly. It’s soft, and cushions any blows from trips or falls. This means adults won’t have to worry about failing to pull off those daring dance moves during summer garden parties, either!

Great for pets

Cats and dogs will love your new artificial lawn. It’s safe, hygienic and completely safe for pets to enjoy. With perforated backing, any urine deposits simply flow through the product, and solid waste is easy to clear away too.

UV resistant for longevity

Over time, the sun’s UV rays can have a lightening effect on certain products. Thankfully, modern artificial grasses are UV resistant, which means you can expect to enjoy a great natural look for many years to come.

Making life easy for landlords

Garden maintenance is one of the biggest bugbears for landlords. Tenants aren’t always willing to maintain the gardens in their rented properties and hiring a gardener can be costly. The alternative is to install an artificial lawn – it looks good, requires little or no maintenance and could even help attract tenants to vacant properties.

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