5 Great Outfit Ideas For A Styling Christmas In 2020

Let’s face it, this Christmas is likely to be different from any we have experienced previously. At the present moment many of us are eagerly awaiting an update to Government guidance so we can begin to plan to plan who’s house to attend, if we are even allowed, and with the latest lockdown forcing businesses to close their doors once more families heading to a restaurant for Christmas dinner might be left disappointed. With all this uncertainty in the air it’s about time we had something positive to look towards, even if it’s the smallest of things such as, what to wear on Christmas day.

Dressed Up

Who doesn’t love an excuse to get dressed up every now and again? Christmas is the perfect excuse to get all glammed up to flaunt your festive stuff. A little black dress or any party favourite is always a winner when the theme is black tie. At the minute we are unsure if any events will be going ahead this year, but one thing is for certain and that is that we are keeping our hopes up in anticipation of having a festive get together with our loved ones, at a safe distance of course.


If your family likes to coordinate their outfits for special occasions, then dressing up for Christmas is a no brainer! There are many themes you can go with for your matching outfits, with the obvious one being a festive theme, but as this is a year like no other, why not be daring and make it a Christmas outfit like no other.


When I think of Christmas it brings visions of being surrounded by my family all sitting around in front of a log fire enrobed by a grand fireplace, warm cosy and full of festive treats. The reason I think this is because for me this is a time of year for comfort, in food, company, and clothing which is why my chosen Christmas outfit is made up of a pair of the comfiest pyjama bottoms imaginable and a personalised hoodie I got from Banana Moon Clothing which has seen more than its fair share of adventures.

Christmas Sweater

If you like to really get into the spirit of Christmas, and by this I mean you have the tree up in November, are willing to watch Christmas films year round, and don’t get offended by Christmas songs then there’s no other outfit for you than a festive outfit. Take the classic Christmas jumper for example, this festive staple is perfect for the whole family as you can find Christmas jumpers themed around musical artists and cult classic films, so you are sure to find something for even your least festive relative, or if you want to keep the kids entertained during lockdown you could always create your own unique Christmas jumpers.

For The Christmas Walk

No Christmas celebrations are complete without the traditional family walk, whether it is through the countryside to work off the Christmas dinner in preparation for round 2, or the pub for a warming tipple. Regardless of where you are going you will need to wrap up warm, which includes a thick winter coat to help retain heat, but don’t forget hat, scarves and gloves to keep your digits warm in the depths of winter!

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