5 Ways to Save on Car Maintenance

There’s no denying it, owning a car  can be expensive; to run  and more expensive to fix when they go wrong! There are a few ways you can keep  on top of the maintenance costs of any car you own, or are looking to sell, to make your car last longer. I’ve listed a few of them here but would love to know if you’ve got any more to add

Change your oil & filter

Changing your oil is necessary to make sure that your engine is well lubricated, without a good quality oil being used the parts can wear down easily meaning they could eventually cause damage to the engine and need replacing. The longer oil is left in the engine it will become thicker and sludgier – hence the need for replacement. Your fuel mileage will increase too if your engine is not running as smoothly as possible. It’s always a good idea to use the best quality fuel you can afford!

Check your tyre pressures monthly

Driving with your tyres at the wrong pressure will mean you are using more miles per gallon of fuel, and could also mean that they wear unevenly – causing low tread which could mean they don’t work as they should in the event you need to brake suddenly or are driving in more dangerous conditions. Tyres with the wrong pressure can also cause wear to the brake pads – which can be costly to fix if!

Use antifreeze

Antifreeze will stop water from freezing during really cold times of the year – which of course will be no good for your engine, it can cause damage and will mean you won’t be driving anywhere! It also has the capability to also raise the boiling point of the engine coolant in order to prevent it from overheating, and it will also protect your engine from corrosion and prevent deposits from building up.

Drive it sensibly!

Driving at fast speeds, rapidly accelerating and braking sharply is a waste of fuel. Driving like this can lower your fuel mileage and also cause damage to your engine long term. It is a good idea to rev your engine to the red every couple of hundred miles to ensure the engine is flushed through  but it’s necessary more than that. You’re also less likely to have an accident at sensible speeds!

Service your car regularly

Cars need to be looked after and maintaining a regular service schedule is the best way to do it. They’re the experts and they’ll look for any problems that you might not have noticed and make sure your car is in the best shape, and is safe, able to drive economically and ultimately will last longer. If you’re local to me then you could get your vehicle serviced at economical prices at KAP Motors Brighton Centre.



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