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7 baby items that NEED to be Invented!

Lying on the freezing floor at 3am, ‘demonstrating’ to my definitely-not-hungry, just-needs-to-shut-his-eyes baby how to go to sleep, I wonder how much it would cost to buy a life-size, warm, “breathing” model of me… Because as soon as I try to silently creep out of the room, tiny man realises, turns over, gives me a hard stare.. and starts to cry.

The baby industry is mahoosive: worth $45 billion, according to bean counters. And encompasses unbelievable items like £10 ‘specialist buggy handle straps’ (pieces of string for a child to hold on to) and even baby wigs (yup!). But here are seven things that entrepreneurs *really* need to get cracking on. I’ll be first in line to buy…

  1.  A nappy with early-warning system. 10 mins’ notice for serious poonami.. Code red for ‘you’ll need a nose peg’; code green for ‘you can change this one in the car, no problem.’
  2. A time machine – so you can press ‘freeze’ and enjoy newborn cuddles for infinity – whilst simultaneously being able to race through tantrum/shouting/no-sleeping phases.
  3. A buggy treadmill which works on its own – for when you’re totally knackered… but your baby will only snooze on the move… With a special edition set of arms for rocking during the witching hour.
  4. A robot that pops a dummy back in the mouth before the babe wakes.
  5. A winter baby hat, that is warm, and never falls over the tiny one’s eyes which makes them scream. Seems simple, this one, but so far none exists…
  6. A magic spray that eradicates the smell, feel and look of baby sick, poo and wee – without forcing you to have basins full of soiled washing, all the time.
  7. A self-cleaning high chair, with invisible no-fly zone to stop any thrown-food in its tracks.

 Lucy Tobin is a new mum of one and tries to make knackered parents laugh on her baby blog Follow on Facebook &  Twitter too. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her and her little sleep-avoiding dude and they’re both lovely!

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  1. The buggy treadmill, there’s actually a contraption which you can put your pushchair on and it moves, its called robopax pushchair rocker. I want one but boy is so lazy at the moment he sleeps anywhere whether he’s moving or not. It would have been awesome for my girls though, neither of them liked sleep.

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