7 Ideas for the Ultimate Teenage Birthday Treat


Do you have a teenager that you want to spoil on their birthday? Getting gifts around this age can be a nightmare – you don’t want to spend money on the wrong thing or an item that they will never get used. So it can be a much better idea to buy them an experience. While some experiences have age restrictions there are also plenty that are entirely open for teenagers. Here are seven great ideas for the ultimate teenage birthday treat, as advised by Lloyd Wells who has spent some time working with UK experience provider Into the Blue.


Whether you opt for a fashion photoshoot or one focused on family, this is a birthday treat that will leave your teenager feeling glamorous and pampered. A photoshoot is a chance for you to get some fantastic photographs of your child and it will be a huge boost to their confidence to see themselves in professional quality shots.

This is a fantastic day that can either be experienced solo or by bringing someone along. Whether they go with the whole family or a few friends, the photography will capture them at their best, leaving you with photos to treasure for years to come.

DJ experience

What teenager doesn’t believe that their amazing taste in music would make them the ultimate DJ? So give them the chance to learn the art of DJing and music mixing in a genuine recording studio with a professional DJs and sound engineers. This is a gift that can help them show off their creative side as they discover the techniques and technology that allow modern DJs to keep the party going all night long. Given the chance to practice beat matching and mixing, they may be able to use their love for music in a way that they never imagined was possible.

Indoor skydiving

There’s no doubt that skydiving is an incredible and unforgettable experience. But no-one would blame you if you weren’t quite ready to commit to your child jumping out from an aeroplane from 13,000ft with nothing but a backpack strapped to them. So instead, how about indoor skydiving? This is the chance to experience the same sensation without any of the risks associated with real skydiving.


If you’re looking for a group activity that’s perfect for teenagers – zorbing could be the ideal option. In a large plastic bubble ball you go hurtling down a hill for an incredible adrenaline rush. Perfect for thrill-seeking teenagers who want to try something that’s a little different from the average birthday party. If your teenager is lucky enough to have a birthday in the summer, it could be a brilliant idea to try water zorbing where you’ll sloshing around inside the bubble with a little water.

Drive a supercar

It might sound a little crazy but yes, your teenager can drive a supercar around a track, even if they’ve never driven before. For car mad kids, this is the experience of a lifetime as they get to take control of these enormously powerful machines. There’s no age restriction, only height – they just need to be tall enough to reach the pedals. There are a range of experiences available in different supercars, so whether they have always wanted to get behind the wheel of an Aston Martin or experience the power of a Ferrari, this is a safe and fun way to do it.

Young driving lessons

If driving a supercar sounds a bit much as a first time experience. You could instead opt for youth driving lessons. Children aren’t allowed to drive on the road until they reach the age of 17, but if they are keen to get in some practice early you can book them young driver lessons. At as young as 11 years old your child can learns the basics of driving with a professional instructor. This can put them in a great position to pass their driving test quickly after their 17th birthday!

Flying lessons

But what if driving is all just a bit mundane for your teenager? If they’re not interested in navigating the roads, maybe they would love soaring through the sky. Once they are over the age of 14 they can take flying lessons – their first steps to becoming a pilot.


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