7 Ways to Add a Little Luxury to Your Daily Style

It can be easy (and fun) to focus your fashion nous into creating big, bold looks for events or parties, but it’s much harder to take this sense of fun and glamour and channel it into your everyday outfits. Here are seven ways you can enhance the appeal of your daily apparel and appearance so that you feel elegantly attired each and every day.

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Wise Accessorising


Although it may seem counter-intuitive, it’s the smaller details which really add up into a big-hitting outfit. From a sleek bag to a chic, shiny necklace, choosing the right accessory to really amplify your outfit is a skill you should take the time to develop. To begin, invest in small classic pieces of good quality. For jewellery, that means precious metals in simple, elegant designs. For bags, that means leather, suede or other well-wearing natural fabrics.


Designer Details


Have a taste for women’s designer fashion? Investing in higher-quality wardrobe staples will reflect the way you put together an outfit. The quality of fabrics and finishing from higher-end pieces can make an entire look shine. It will also ensure that your clothing lasts longer, and carries across seasons – making the outlay an investment for your future. Another benefit of buying designer label clothing is that these items tend to hold their value in vintage markets, meaning that should you wish to sell your items in the future, you won’t be losing large amounts of money.


Shoe In


Shoes can maketh the outfit. How many times have you seen an otherwise flawless outfit ruined by a poor fitting, or poorly chosen footwear item? Footwear faux-pas are everywhere, and they’re something you can easily avoid. Choose shoes made to fit your feet – if you’re a person with a wider foot, make sure you’re purchasing shoes which fit your feet properly. Footwear choices such as ankle boots, court shoes and mary janes never go out of fashion. Investing in quality pairs of these types of shoes will mean you get wear from them for many years to come.


Fantastic Fabric


The fabrics you choose to either wear as clothing or as adornments can just as easily ruin an outfit as reinforce it. Choose fabrics which are finished to perfection. Shiny fabrics are a red flag to any person trying to dress more glamorously – they almost always look cheap. Fabrics such as linen, leather and silk are more expensive and convey a well-made artisan look to any outfit. Choose these fabrics if you’re wanting to look more ‘expensive’.


Fancy Follicles


Your hair is an important overall part of any look, and keeping your hair in good condition should be a part of any grooming routine. Regular cuts should be scheduled to tame any split ends or dullness, with luxurious treatments added to boost your hair’s colour and shine. A well-executed cut can transform your face and your outfits.


Treat Yourself


Another essential grooming task is skin care. If you’re looking for a way to add a little luxury to your daily routine, an updated skin care regimen could be just what you’re looking for. Treatment masks should be your new go-to for that at home spa feeling, and many brands make sheet masks which are easy to apply and remove. Keeping your skin well hydrated and cleansed is as easy as brushing your teeth. Add an extra 5 minutes in the bathroom at morning and night and watch your skin be transformed.


Make It Up


Add a touch of luxe to your face with some luminous, carefully applied makeup. Current picks include highlighters and luminizers. These products are designed to add shimmer and shine to the high points of your face, resulting in a look which is refreshed, young and vibrant. Channeling elegance and luxury into your everyday appearance is not as hard as it seems. Adding small touches to your dressing, grooming and shopping routines will see you elegantly transformed and ready to take on the day – every day.

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