8 Amazing Things to Do While Honeymooning in Bali

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If you are looking for honeymoon destinations, Bali is one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in the world. It is beautiful, exotic, fun, relaxing, and adventurous. Bali offers everything you would want for your honeymoon. It is home to luxurious hotels, beautiful sunny beaches, and a ton of activity to enjoy. Take a look at the best areas to stay in Bali  for some inspiration.

Here are the most amazing things to do on your honeymoon in Bali.

Rejuvenate at a couple’s spa treat

After you land in Bali, the first thing you should consider doing is unwinding in a couple’s spa treatment. This is the best way to get into the honeymoon mood, especially after a long flight and a tedious season of wedding planning. You can relax beside each other in couples massage and body scrub sessions. There are numerous spas in Bali to choose from, with the best ones located in the hotels. This way, you don’t have to leave the hotel to enjoy this treat.

Evening dinner cruise on the ocean

Before you leave Bali, you must try the evening yacht cruise as you dine on tasteful Bali cuisine. You are treated to an acoustic band as you enjoy your meal and the view of the ocean. This is a fantastic opportunity to watch the sunset with your spouse as you sip on some sweet wine or drink of your choice.

Explore sea life in a submarine

If you love sea life, you will enjoy hopping on a submarine to watch the fascinating underwater world. Viewing from 90 feet in the ocean, you are sure to make memories on this submarine ride. You will be able to see different species of fish and colorful corals. This is the perfect underwater voyage for a new couple.

Stroll through the flower fields

If you are looking for a different experience from the monotonous beach visits, you should consider visiting Temukus, a floral village in Bali. It is home to large marigold fields located a few kilometers apart. You can be sure to enjoy a magical time while here with your better half. Stroll through the fields of marigold in full bloom, or you can choose to visit the white Kasna flowers meadow. Ensure you capture this beautiful view.

Take a helicopter ride

One of the best ways to see Bali is by taking a helicopter ride over this island. Taking this ride over Bali will give you a beautiful view of this amazing location from high above. You will get to see the peak of Mt. Batur Crater, Kintamani, and the long Kuta coastline. Ensure you bring your camera with you as the shots from above are simply breathtaking.

Visit the Pod chocolate factory

One of the best ways to express love is by offering chocolate to your spouse. If you love chocolate, you will love the Pod chocolate factory in Bali. You will have access to an array of mouth-watering chocolates as you take part in making your chocolate bars. This can be an exciting activity to do with your loved one as you create your very own chocolate bars. This is a one on a lifetime treat for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Visit the marina and safari park in Bali

The Bali safari and marine park is a fantastic place to be one with wild animals. You can feed some of the animals as you watch lions strolling the park. You can ride the safari tram and visit the replicas of African villages or Rajasthani forts. This safari trip allows you to explore the wilderness and see the rare white tigers and the Himalayan bears. It is sure to make the highlight of your trip.

Swim in Lake Batur

Lake Batur is a crater lake located in proximity to Mount Batur. This is a location that offers exclusivity as you enjoy swimming with the mountain backdrop. If you love exploring, you can discover the hot springs and also tour the local villages as you connect with the locals. For a rewarding view of Bali, you should consider making the trek up the volcano.


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