8 Ways to Stay Motivated While Working From Home

If there is one thing, the pandemic has given us is the time to reflect. The busy work schedule helped to numb some of the deepest fears and loneliness. This moment of reflections allows everyone to confront their monsters and come out stronger post pandemic.  

Coming to terms with working at home hasn’t been easy, but it’s the new normal, right? So, get used to spending more time at home working and doing house chores. 

With time, the home environment starts to feel comfortable and you run out of ways to motivate yourself. Don’t worry, below are some ideas. 

Set small daily goals

Recognizing that you are not living in the normal times is just the first step. Productivity may have taken a dip, which is a problem to be solved, right? Make your day more productive by putting in place small daily goals. Ensure the goals are realistic because big goals will wear you down and possibly make you give up.  

Cross off each goal once you achieve it. Make a short list of small manageable tasks to keep you on track with your work and house chores.  

Set aside relaxation time

Don’t pack your schedule from morning to evening, it’s boring and soon fatigue will creep in and ruin your commitment. Set work hours and allow yourself personal time which you can use to check out what’s new on Netflix. Also, Lottoland has some great ideas for fighting boredom

Restrict your hours and schedule incoming work to the next day. Allow lunch breaks at certain times to keep you focused. Productivity is at peak in early morning hours, so do those involving tasks then.

Relaxation allows your mind and body to recharge. You can practice Yoga, meditation, or mindfulness.

Schedule virtual friends meetings

Call your friends and video chat with them on occasions to catch up. Remember, emotional health is equally important. Celebrate a milestone with them and enjoy victual games.  

Take care of your mental health

Anxiety is unhealthy. You can work more effectively when not under stress, so manage your mental health. Anything that stresses you seek help and don’t ignore and override. It’s the things we unconsciously let slip down the cracks that come back to haunt us the most.  

Tackling anxiety requires sleeping well, at least eight hours every night.  Also, engage your friends in conversations whether through social media, phone calls or chats. Limit bad news by spending more time watching positive news. Stay updated from reputable sources and avoid constant pandemic or bad news coverage which will only heighten your anxiety.  

Accept the work-flow you receive

You may not get much work everyday but don’t lose focus because nobody is having a normal life. Expect to have good days and bad days, but stay motivated through it all. Be kind to yourself, which is exactly what you will tell a friend to motivate them. 

Prioritize your tasks to beat the deadlines and take time off for other things. Most importantly, take good care of yourself. Refocus your attention away from stressful changes around you.  

Exercise regularly

Routine exercise boosts your physical and mental health. Set challenges and work towards beating them to stay motivated. When the mind and body are healthy, your productivity increases significantly. You can have early morning, midday, or evening workouts depending on your preference.  

Set your workout schedule and stick to it. Buy accessories like jumping ropes and other fitness equipment since going to the gym may not be an option. Morning runs or jogs are vital.  

Exercise boosts your energy levels, allowing you to focus on completing whatever work-related task you have waiting for you. Besides, it gives you a feeling of accomplishment and dissipates stress.

Rewards for meeting set goals

Focusing on your work can be difficult sometimes. You can beat the difficulty by breaking your work tasks and setting goals around them. Give yourself breaks in between like 15 or 30 minutes, which can be gradually reduced as efficiency improves.  

With time you find yourself working for an hour or two uninterrupted. If checking the phone is the problem, then lock it up in your drawer or put it on silent mode to increase your productivity.  

Reward yourself for successful task completion like by watching a Netflix movie, cooking a certain meal, going for quality outdoor personal time at an amazing location, or watching funny YouTube videos.

Practice healthy eating

Healthy eating fights diseases and improves your longevity. Focus on quality and not quantity. Eat healthy foods to increase energy, strengthen your immune system, alertness, and to improve your mental and physical health. Food is vital in maintaining sanity, good sleep, and keeping you motivated.  

So, next time you feel hungry, think about preparing a delicious homemade meal and not processed food all the time. Base your food on root vegetables, cereals grains, fruits, snacks, fish, and drink more water. Try to reduce your intake of saturated sugars and fats.  

Collaborative post. Images from Unsplash.

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