Athena & Arlo – February 2016

One of the only snaps of these two together on our holiday at the end of January, neither actually looking too happy to be pulled along in a sledge!

However they are still fairly happy to be in each others company still, Athena spends a lot of time shouting ‘BABY ARLO COME HEEEEEERRRREE’ then waiting for him to crawl manically towards her. She then runs off cackling and waits for him to catch up again! Thankfully he doesn’t seem to mind!

These last two photos were taken a few days ago, they were both given a helium balloon from a birthday party and have been bashing them around together ever since!
dear beautiful

10 thoughts on “Athena & Arlo – February 2016

  1. I remember the fun days of Lewis shouting Leah to come crawling after him, it was such a fun game which had them both giggling. Lovely photos, hope you are all well x #siblingproject

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