Athena & Arlo – February 2017

Athena has really been embracing her role as ‘Sister’ over the last few weeks. Often she’ll say she has do to do something because ‘I am the sister’. When we get home she will now take off Arlo’s coat, hat and shoes and the best part is that he is so happy for her to do it! He plonks himself down on the bottom step of the stairs and holds his feet out saying ‘shoes, shoes!’ until she takes them off! It really is the most lovely thing. I took these photos on a little day out we took last week, just to a local old fogey bowling green with a little park and a cafe too. We had a (stressful for me probably not for them) lunch and a little explore around the garden.

I caught the last image below the other day when they were both just say watching a film together, out of the corner of my eye I see her put her arm around him! It works both ways too, ‘Afeena’ is the first person Arlo asks for in his sleepy state in the morning, and can’t go to bed without giving her a big open mouthed lip smacker and a cuddle before bed. He loves getting into bed with her for a story, and we did try putting him down for a nap in her room but it wasn’t happening, he still needs cuddling to sleep! We are planning on selling Athenas cabin bed and getting a proper set of bunk beds so that he can have a proper bed rather than a makeshift cot bed mattress on the floor under hers, it might make the situation a little more appealing!
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5 thoughts on “Athena & Arlo – February 2017

  1. awwww I love the arm around. If that was me, it would’ve been over before I got the photo so top marks for speed there 🙂
    I love it when they help each other out. I actually had a bit of a row with Lizzie about her putting her shoes on and little G brought some shoes for her. It was so cute. They really do look like they have a whale of a time together. Lovely, precious moments xx

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