Athena & Arlo in November

This past month has seen some lovely developments in the relationship between Athena & Arlo.



She is a lot more tolerant of him and I think this is because he’s a lot more active now so that she can play games with him (whether he’s aware he’s playing or not!)

She spends a lot of time beckoning him to her across the living room then running away squealing in delight when he reaches her! Row row row your boat is a firm favourite between these siblings too… at least three or four times a day!



Athena is still the person that makes Arlo smile the widest and Arlo is still the first person Athena asks for once she’s woken up.

It is however getting increasingly difficult to get a photo of them together as Athena is very much ‘no photos please’ at the moment!

dear beautiful

5 thoughts on “Athena & Arlo in November

  1. Oh bless them – I remember that ‘no photos of me!’ stage so well. It sooned passed but there was a lot of stealth photo taking when she wasn’t looking!

  2. Aww they look like they’re having so much fun together and I love that they play row row row the boat, even with the size difference! It’s a lovely moment isn’t it, when you realise that they are moving from affection into real friendship 🙂

  3. Ahhh so cute!!! You can see how motherly Athena is over him already!!! Mine are fans of Row your boat too! and Tyne has just started the whole “No pictures” thing too! Fun xx

  4. That is interesting that Big Sister is more tolerant of her brother. We have the opposite at the moment that Big Sister is not happy that her brother wants and can reach her toys. Look forward to hearing about Christmas celebrations next month. #Siblings

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