Athena & Arlo in September


Some sibling love on the London Eye

IMG_4573Sibling interaction this month mainly consists of the following:

  • Random forehead kisses from Athena to Arlo
  • Lots of hair grabbing from Arlo much to Athena’s annoyance
  • Athena replacing her toys (hastily snatched from his little hands) with something of Arlo’s
  • Athena asking for Arlo when she wakes up, and once even asking for him to sit on her pillow one morning (she normally hates anyone being in her bed!)
  • Athena pushing Arlo in the buggy (under supervision and not near roads, of course)
  • Arlo just gazing adoringly at his sister at any given opportunity!

7 thoughts on “Athena & Arlo in September

  1. I love the way they’re looking at each other. Athena seems to have grown up so much recently too, and her hair is getting longer. I hope you had a great time on the London Eye. We haven’t been for years, we don’t get chance to do the tourist things in London these days. xxx #siblings

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