Mirror Mirror… with Ambi Toys

Arlo loves to look at himself and I mean really loves it! A few weeks ago we were in a restaurant that had mirrored dividers behind the booths and he spent most of the meal looking over my shoulder and grinning at himself like a complete loon, much to the amusement of us and the family at the table next to each other! So I knew exactly what I wanted to get him from the selection of Ambi Toys, the Baby Mirror!



It’s a double sided mirror with a flower shaped surround, so easy for small hands to grip although Arlo is still not quite at the grabbing things himself stage but it won’t be long! At first we used the mirror to encourage him to lift his head and upper body up during tummy time…


We also now use it when he is on his back or sitting on us, we make sure he is looking at himself, and then slowly move the mirror around to teach him to follow things with his eyes! It’s really sturdy with no chance of breaking from average baby (or toddler!) use!


Athena also tried to teach her doll to do the same, which was very sweet! She still loves to look at herself too, and although she can see in most of the proper mirrors around the house i often find her looking at herself in the opposite side as I’m playing with Arlo! I’ve also used it to apply mascara and concealer on more than one occasion as it’s often easier to grab than my heavier makeup mirror from my bedroom when I need to keep an eye on the sproglets whilst i’m doing it!


Do also check out my recent post on teethers to find out more about the ‘Ted Triple Teether‘ that Arlo is clutching in his little paw, it rattles!

We were sent these toys to review as part our Ambi Ambassador role.


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