Babywearing when pregnant–& win a Kanga Wrap! [ended]


Sometimes life is just easier without a pushchair, short trips to the shop or home from nursery for example. Although I’m almost 6 months pregnant it hasn’t stopped me from having Athena in a carrier. This week we’ve been using a new wrap from KangaWraps as a change from our mei-tai or buckled carrier, which is getting a bit tight round the bump these days!

Some tips for wearing your baby when pregnant:

  • If you didn’t babywear before pregnancy it may not be the best time to start, as it could add unnecessary stress to your already changing body
  • You will probably need to adjust the carries you use, or tie straps in different places (for example I’ve been tying my mei-tai straps to one side of my belly so the wider strap acts as a sort of bump support band
  • If you start feeling the strain, stop! I can’t carry Athena for as long as I used to as I get more tired and achy and she’s getting heavier
  • As your bump gets bigger you’ll probably have to resort to back carries only, as the bigger the bump gets the higher your toddler will get and eventually you wont be able to see! (This will be us before long!)
  • If you have SPD or similar talk to your midwife or doctor before baby wearing, otherwise you could end up being in more pain!

I’d not used a wrap before apart from one I borrowed from a friend when Athena was much smaller but that was a much stiffer material and I just didn’t get on with it and gave up after twp attempts. The Kanga wrap is made from super soft stretchy organic cotton, so it rolls up much smaller and hides away in a drawstring bag for easy storage and is much easier to tie too.

You can use the Kanga Wrap from birth until baby is around 15kg, so Athena is heading towards the weight limit but we are still comfortably using the wrap, even with a baby bump to contend with! At some point soon I’m going to see if I can do a back carry with the Kanga Wrap, I’m sure it’s possible as there is a lot of material to work with! There is a video of how to fit the kanga wrap, as well as a detailed instruction leaflet that will come with it. After two goes with the instructions I no longer needed them as it’s pretty simple, and the bonus is you can take baby in and out without undoing anything, which will be perfect for when I have a little new-born sprog to keep happy whilst chasing after Athena next year!

It’s dad friendly too, Sam has said he’d be happy to wear baby boy when he arrives using this wrap! For more information in the importance of Kangaroo Care read this page, and it’s even possible to pop new-born twins in the Kanga Wrap!


All profits are put towards helping maternity care in countries that really need it:

“We will contribute £5,000 by June 2016 which the EU will match on a 3:1 ratio so £20,000 goes towards the project.”

How amazing is that?

I’m hugely happy to be offering a Kanga Wrap as a prize too, perfect for anyone expecting a baby any time soon, or as a gift for someone who is! The competition ends 4/1/15.

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I was sent a Kanga Wrap for for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own.

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89 thoughts on “Babywearing when pregnant–& win a Kanga Wrap! [ended]

  1. Can’t believe you are still able to carry her on your front! Impressive! Not sure exactly about this wrap, but almost all stretchies are front carry only so be careful if you want to put her on your back!

    Will be perfect for the new squish! Xx

  2. I was planning to when pregnant the 2nd time but then we found out it was twins and the options looked complicated which I didnt need with 2 newborns lol.

  3. I think these are fab! My children we born very close together so at one point I had a newborn strapped to me, a double buggy with a 1 year old and 2 year old and a 2 years and 9 month strapped to the buggy with a wrist band! I now childmind my new nephew so would love another wrap as the one I had became worn with use!

  4. This looks so comfy! Both my cousins are pregnant with their first babies, they would love this…. might have to share it though! Heheh.

  5. When my child was young I used to love the sling but she grew out of it, I am not sure if this would support the back much though.

  6. I still babywear my 18 month old, although haven’t tried a wrap style. Find it so much easier on public transport.

  7. I put my son in a sling when he was little but stopped when he was about 1 because he was just too heavy!!

  8. I loved carrying my eldest with me, but he got so big my back couldn’t quite support it. Can’t imagine being comfortable if I was pregnant too, but it does look super easy to wear!

  9. Yes, I love to carry little one with baby sling etc, as hands are free to carry out other tasks. Whilst little one is safe, secure, and close by. I found years ago with my nephews, baby in sling. Though toddler walked, tired easily / quickly :- Then I could lift him whilst still carrying his baby brother in baby sling. Toddler would cuddle into his baby brother, kiss him and chat to him :- Which was so cute. I could then take a rest with the little ones securely close by. I traveled by bus in those days, so baby sling was a great bonus.

  10. I stopped wearing my daughter when I was pregnant with my son, she was 2 1/2. i couldn’t carry on as for me it would have been dangerous, I was on strict bed rest through my entire pregnancy

  11. Both myself and partner used to wear our son when he was younger although my partner being slim and me being a flluffy mama meant our choices were limited, we had a stretchy, a mei tai and a patapum though. I’m hoping to be a abit slimmer than I was with my son when we have baby 2 and hope to wear again.

  12. i have never worn a sling but would love to try with my newborn son! i probably wouldnt try the sling if i was pregnant due to health issues i had with my previous pregnancy.

  13. I used an awful carrier that needed a degree to work it! this looks so much better and will be fab for my soon to be godson x

  14. would love to be able to carry while pregnant, with a disabled toddler its handy to be able to walk about with hands free so would be fab for us xx

  15. I hae never had a sling or anything and I’m 3 weeks away from giving birth to my forth and it defo looks like an easier option!

  16. Thats amazing! I’ve been avoiding carriers since I’m pregnant, but this seems like a lovely solution. Thank you for sharing this x

  17. I adore babywearing and so does my 1 year old. i’d like to think I would still babywear if I was pregnant again, although I’m not sure how comfortable it would be! 😉

  18. These werent around when my kids were young but I believe that it would be great for my forth coming grandchild

  19. These look very comfortable and I see no reason why you cant wear whilst pregnant as long as you are comfortable and get advice

  20. i have never used one altho i wanted to but my two little ones weighed so much when they were born i was glad to be able to use a buggy but my sister in law had a baby 3 weeks ago and she would love one of these

  21. I love wearing my little girl. I love the closeness we both get from it. Using a sling has been a lfe saver for short trips like the school run or family get togethers where she has wanted to nap but there has been nowhere to safely put her down as she will quite happily sleep in a wrap.
    My top tip for babywearing when pregnant would be to listen to your own body. I would also suggest back carriers when bump gets big! xx


  22. None yet. My daughter 3 and half. It’s hard enough to carry her whilst not pregnant let alone when pregnant. But I would love to try baby wearing would make the pre-school and later on school drop off much easier without a big bulky pram.

  23. I’ve got a Manduca but my little girl doesn’t like it so much as I don’t do it enough. Need to do it more next time round 😉

  24. I must be honest, I had not heard of babywearing whilst pregnant, but, having read your review, it is something I would consider doing for short little trips out to the shops etc, to save having to dismantle and fold my daughter’s pushchair and lifting it in and out of the car.

  25. Not sure whether I would wear a toddler when pregnant but certainly would love to wear a baby when born

  26. I wish i had been able to do this during my last pregnancy but my eldest requires a wheelchair with extra support so it wouldnt of worked at the time, id love to have a go when i have my next one though (carrying the youngest on though!)

  27. ive not used a wrap before but would love to! i used a ridgid baby carrier with sassy when she was little but didnt use it as much with midge, i really want one for the next one though. looks snugly & comfy!

  28. I wore my son on my back in a Connecta for a while when I was pregnant, but then the straps starting irritating me and we stopped about half way through pregnancy,

  29. l have recently had my 3rd baby- A gorgeous little girl. I am new to baby wearing, finding a way to Soothe her and keep doing all the other mum stuff my 6 yr old and 3 yr old need from me.

  30. I have worn my son a bit, but the current wrap we have for him is getting a bit small, so a longer heavier duty one such as this would be great. Can’t say I’ve ever done it whilst I’m pregnant though – that would be a miracle of science!

  31. I baby carry using a Connecta at the moment. I’m not sure I’d carry when pregnant but my pregnancy was an awful combination of back pain from Scoliosis and SPD/

  32. I used a standard baby carrier with my first and wasn’t very supportive but this one looks much better x

  33. I haven’t baby worn yet, but have a sling in preparation to do so when baby number 2 makes an appearance! Would love to try this – had never considered when pregnant before, will give it a go! x

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