Basic Accessories to Style any Look

Guest post.

You do not have to rock the trendiest outfits in town look stylish. If you accessorise properly you can give just any outfit a completely new edge. The secret is getting the perfect accessory that matches your outfit and stands out when you walk out of the door.

Here are some of the best accessories to elevate your look from normal to stylish this season.

A Beautiful Handbag

A bag is more than just storage for your pocketbook and phone. Carrying a beautiful purse give your whole look and instant stylish twist. Handbags come all shapes, styles and sizes. However, when it comes to style, nothing beats leather and nothing is more practical than a bag you can wear crossbody. To find the perfect one for you, do a little research online and have a look at online stores like Mirta for example, that has a lovely selection of handmade crossbody bags all made in Italy. Consider picking neutral or earth colours and delicate prints, this way the bag will go well with any of your outfits.

Pretty Earrings

Earrings bring allure to any outfit and there are tons of styles and sizes you can choose from. If you love the minimalist look, some sparkling studs or classic pearl earrings are great. However, you can also go for something a bit spicier, like small gold hoops or dangling earrings. On the other hand, if you have a budget to splurge, go expensive on natural stone cluster earrings. Most earrings can work with any outfit.


A Statement Shoe

A show can be a huge fashion statement in women as it is to men. If you are into heels, then go for it! Rock those babies whenever you need to give your outfit a little kick. For the lovers of comfort, you can’t go wrong with boots, flats, block heels or leather shoes in general. Always keep on hand some neutral footwear such as white sneakers or some black boots- and you’ll be set for errands and casual outings.


Hair Accessories

Hair accessories always make it look like you tried. No matter what the accessory is and how not in the mood to dress up you were, they will give you an air of put togetherness. However, you do not have to overdo it. Something as simple as a classic bow or a silk scrunchie looks great. Other options include headbands, stylish bobby pins, or a bow clip.



Most people wear a scarf when it is cold. However, you can wear a perfect fashion statement all year round. Scarves come in various materials and a wide choice of colours. When making a choice, go for neutral colours when matching with earth colours, whites, or black. You can also go bold and match some of the hues with your outfit or accessories such as the handbag and shoes.


Do you have any favourite accessories you love adding to outfits?