BBQ Essentials with Tesco Clubcard Boost

I think it would be hard to find someone who hadn’t either been to or hosted a BBQ this summer! Chatting with friends, children having fun and piles of delicious smoky barbecued food, what more could you ask for? As part of the amazing Clubcard Boost scheme at Tesco I was asked to pick out my essentials for hosting a successful BBQ with family and friends, a survival kit if you please!

tesco bbq

This little lot totals just under £100 too, so won’t break the bank! Obviously you need somewhere to sit and chill out, and a table to pop your drinks on when you’ve stuffing burgers in your face! I thought the little red table and chairs were really sweet and they all fold away for easy storage when not in use!

Obviously a paddling pool and ball pool are ideal for both little and big kids to splash about in, and the bubble machine and sand table will keep them busy in case they do tire of water play! Not that i’ve ever met a child who has… but i’d prefer to cover all bases!

Ideally the sun would be shining and we’d all be happily catching up until the sun goes down, hence my addition of a sun parasol and twinkly solar powered lights!

The great thing about using Clubcard Boost is that you can double your clubcard vouchers and even more bargain items than normal! If you’re not sure how it works this video should make it pretty clear!

You can also use your boost vouchers to get more for your money and exchange them for family days out or restaurant vouchers, along with the F&F clothing line too! If you’ve got school age children it might be an idea to get started on the uniform purchasing too! To find out more click here to visit the Tesco Clubcard Boost website and start boosting!

What would your BBQ essentials be?

Post written in collaboration with Tesco Clubcard, all words and opinions are my own.

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