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The fourth in this weeks ‘blog takeover’ whilst I’m having some time off for my birthday is a post from Lauren aka The Helpful Hiker…

Northampton might not strike you as the most obvious place for enjoying outdoor adventures, however this town has some unexpected gems. I know I’m biased as it’s my hometown, but hopefully I can persuade you of its hidden depths!

Abington Park

This has to be my favourite park. Situated in the centre of town, it boasts 2 lakes, a museum, a cafe, a park, an aviary and ample space for running off some energy. It looks stunning in the autumn when the leaves are turning, in fact we had our pre wedding photoshoot here a couple of years ago.


It also has a beautiful bandstand, which plays host to music acts every Sunday during the summer. It’s the perfect place to come and unwind and watch the world go by.

The Racecourse


The Racecourse has a bit of an unsavoury history and so has a bad reputation in some parts. I, however, am a big fan. Mainly because, at an impressive 118 acres, it’s the biggest outdoor sports facility in Northamptonshire and it’s also just 300 metres from my front door. It’s home to the Parkrun every weekend, as well as many football and rugby teams. It also has several play areas, which make it invaluable to me and my energetic two year old!

Hunsbury Hill Country Park


My final choice is definitely an often overlooked gem, I didn’t even know much about it until recently. It’s an unassuming country park surrounded by a housing estate. It has the usual wide open spaces, a cafe and a play area. It also has the remains of an Iron Age fort and is home to the Ironstone Railway Trust, featuring a 1.5 mile heritage railway and a small museum



Lauren is a mum of one and a lover of the outdoors. She started her blog ​The Helpful Hiker as a means of sharing tips and ideas for enjoying family time in the great outdoors. There is an emphasis on accessible and affordable adventures, whether that’s exploring your local park, or climbing a mountain, the outdoors is for anyone and everyone to enjoy. She’s also on facebook, twitter and instagram!

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