Blog Takeover: 3 Places to visit in Cambridge

Continuing with this weeks guest posts whilst I’m away is Victoria, who is sharing three of her favourite places in Cambridge. I’ve only been a couple of times but it is such a beautiful City and reading through this makes me want to visit, soon! Over to Victoria…

Whilst I no longer live in Cambridge, I had the pleasure of going to University there, and in many ways even now – more years later than I care to remember – it still very much feels like home. Some of my happiest memories are there, which isn’t surprising because it’s a truly beautiful place both to live and to visit.

If you haven’t been, it’s a place I’d recommend. Though for me, I would always tell people to go during University term time rather than outside it. It always feels very different when it’s populated by the students, than it does when they’ve gone home. The best time of year by far is during May Ball season (actually in June), when every other person walking down the street seems to be wearing either a ball gown or a tuxedo.

Number One on my list of places has to be the University itself, spread over most of the city, it’s made up of a number of different colleges, each with their own style and personality. Most open for at least part of the year to the public, and wandering through them is a great way to experience Cambridge life. Many are 100s of years old and for me walking through them always feels like stepping back in time. I love thinking about all the people that have walked the path before, but I also love seeing the students are there today and wondering who they will become.

Number Two on my list is Heffers. For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure, Heffers is a bookshop, but it isn’t just any bookshop. It’s large but not crazily sized, yet I defy you to ask them for a book which they don’t have on their shelves. Their children’s department is beautiful, their academic section steeped in history and for me whether I visit with the children or go just to meet the ‘girls’ it’s always one of the first places I head.

Number Three, has to be the River Cam. Whether it’s a walk down it to Granchester on a sunny day, or a punt along it, no trip to Cambridge is complete without a visit. In our younger days we would punt ourselves, laughing as we got stuck under bridges and playfully arguing about who got the job of ‘parking’ the punt at the end, these days we tend to opt for the slightly more expensive option of being punted by a guide, but either way it’s well worth doing. Seeing Cambridge from ‘the backs’ gives you a very different insight into life there, and you can even buy ice cream on the water. We tend to go armed with pick and mix, but if you like the more glamorous life it’s not unusual to see strawberries and champagne being consumed onboard.

I’d love to know what your favourite places to visit in Cambridge are? It’s always good to make new memories.


Huge thanks to Victoria for sharing her three favourite spots in such an historic City! You can find her blogging at Mummy Times Two and follow her here:  Twitter

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