Buying a Second Pair of Glasses? Here’s What to Consider

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Buying a second pair of glasses comes with some fantastic advantages. Having a backup is always a good idea in case you damage or even lose your glasses, and if you love fashion then having a few pairs of eyeglasses will ensure that you always have something that fits the rest of your outfit. Many people think of glasses as more than just a necessary thing to have for your eyesight–they consider them fashion accessories and rightfully so! There are countless different designers that make high-end glasses that are unique and stunning, hence why many people are starting to invest in multiple pairs of eyeglasses.

So before you go out and buy a second pair, here are a couple of important considerations that you should keep in mind!

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What is the second pair going to be used for?

First, think about what your second pair of glasses will be used for. Are you going to keep it at home as a backup, do you want different pairs for fashion purposes, or do you just want to replace your current pair with something newer and use your older ones as a backup?

There are lots of different purposes for a second or even third pair of glasses, but it’s important to understand why you want another pair so that it narrows down your choices. For example, a relatively inexpensive pair of eyeglasses can serve as a replacement if you don’t care about fashion. However, a pair of Coach glasses can become a wonderful fashion accessory for people that are willing to invest a little more into their glasses. In short, think carefully about why you’re buying another pair of glasses.


Have you recently had an eye test?

One of the main things that prevent people from investing in a second pair of eyeglasses is the fact that your eyesight is constantly changing. After all, nobody wants to buy two pairs and then find that their eyesight has changed, requiring a new prescription. That’s why it’s important that you visit your optometrist on a yearly basis to ensure that your glasses are providing the most benefit. If you’ve recently had an eye test then you can buy a secondary pair of glasses without worrying too much.

However, if you’ve not had an eye test for some time, then it’s worth getting one soon so that you can see if your eyesight has changed. Whether it has or hasn’t changed, it marks a good opportunity for you to go and get a new pair of eyeglasses since your eyesight likely won’t change again for some time. If your eyesight has changed, then you’ll want to update your prescription and record that information so that when you buy another pair in the future, you can just replace the lenses online and at a much lower price.


Do you know your prescription?

If you want to purchase another pair of eyeglasses then there are usually two main ways to go about it. First, you can visit your optometrist and tell them that you want to purchase another pair. In some cases, you might even get a discount on buying multiple pairs of glasses. The second (and often cheaper) way to get a new pair of eyeglasses is to actually buy them online or from a reputable seller in a store. However, you’ll need to know your prescription so that the lenses that come with the frames can be accurate and actually work as glasses instead of just a fashion accessory.

Thankfully, getting your prescription isn’t difficult especially if you have all the documents that were given to you by your optometrist. This usually comes in the form of a letter or a package of documents that explain exactly what your eye health is like. Once you know your prescription, you’ll have a huge range of glasses to pick from and you’ll save a lot of money. Before you buy any glasses over the internet or from a designer store, make sure that you get the prescription right so that you don’t make any mistakes with your new pair of glasses. In some cases, you may even be able to purchase replacement lenses in case you lose or damage your current ones.


Some final words

Buying a second pair of glasses can be an expensive investment, but it’s one that will pay off in the future if you use your glasses every day. Whether you treat them as a fashion accessory or a necessary tool for work, having another pair is never a bad idea!

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