Can Hair Extensions Damage Hair?

There are tons of misconceptions about the use of hair extensions, so a lot of  people are sceptical about using them. So let’s quickly ask some important questions, do hair extensions ruin your hair? How do you keep them in perfect condition?

By the end of the discussion, you will start to love hair extensions as much as we do. 

Do Hair Extensions Damage Hair? 

Let’s begin with the most popular question that pops into every user’s mind. 

Do hair extensions ruin your hair? Well, if you were to ask this question to Kylie Jenner, she’d probably reply no. The truth is, we share the same thought process as hers. 

If hair extensions are of the finest quality and fitted professionally, they will do zero damage to your hair. Earlier, hair extensions have had quite a rough reputation due to the lack of options available. And clip in hair extensions were always famous for being prominent in hair due to the large-sized clips. 

Nowadays, with tons of hair extensions in the market tailored to every hair type, the damage done is none. 

How to Guarantee No Damage?

There is a damage free extension technique that is unique. KIA KNOTS HAIR EXTENSIONS ( are a healthier technique that uses No glue, NO heat, NO chemicals, NO machines, NO glue, Nothing sticky, No metal etc. KIA KNOTS a simple and tiny knot technique using a special elasticated thread. You could end up with 100+ knots In your hair which hold in the new hair. Maintenance is not too bad either with refits every 3-4 months unlike tapes which can be every 6-8 weeks. Based In Manchester, many travel to them for the perfect extensions.

If you think of getting hair extensions, ensure to work with a reputable hair technician. Ensure they have a positive reputation by going through their social media profile. After all, a reputable technician will be responsible for giving you a right look according to the event that has to be attended. 

Plus, asking the technician to set the right locks will be an added benefit of working with them. Although the locks can be mended later, we still recommend you to work with an expert, so your experience can be worthwhile. 

Debunking Hair Extension Myths

Although the biggest misconceptions around hair extensions have been eradicated, we are still halfway through our quest for chucking out the bizarre notions about this product. 

  • Extensions Will Never Give You Headaches

This is a strange and offbeat myth regarding the use of hair extension. Wearing them won’t give you a headache, but if you suffer from it, you need to check your clip-ins that haven’t been attached properly. 

Sometimes, less experienced hair technicians place too many pieces that make your head super heavy and uncomfortable. But if the hair extensions have been fitted professionally, you’ll never suffer from a headache. 

Now is the best time to micromanage the art of using  hair extensions, so you can have a stress free day at work or quality time with your friends at the party. 

  • Extensions Will Not Tangle

Along with impressive volume and length comes extra care. After all, you wouldn’t leave your wet hair in a mess after washing them, so why leave hair extensions? A hair extension will never tangle if you care for them to the fullest. Just as if you would be dealing with natural hair.

So if you comb them properly and create a demarcation between each of the strands, seldom will you get stuck with tangled hair extensions post taking a bath. However, even if you don’t wish to bathe upon arrival at the hotel, ensure to straighten up your extensions. 

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