Style: Capsule Wardrobe Top Inspiration

I’m still working my way towards a capsule wardrobe, and am spending lots of my spare time browsing online to find suitable pieces to include! I’m finding it quite hard though, as I need to have items for every eventuality that I really like as I’ll be wearing them on a small rotation for three months or more! The latest online store that’s grabbed my attention is Esprit, a store that I’ve very rarely visited in person or online before to be honest, as I thought it was more expensive than it is!

For a capsule wardrobe it’s important to choose items that match with a lot of other items, so either similar or complimenting colours and probably nothing with too bold a pattern! I really love the muted tones of the heart jumper, but the motif makes it a bit more fun than a plain jumper. For similar reasons the frilly-shouldered marl jumper jumped out at me, as did the lace sleeved sweater, which I think would look nice with a darker T Shirt or blouse underneath so show off the pattern.

The T shirts in the top row would be ideal in a capsule wardrobe too as they’re all plain enough to go with many other items but with a bit of detail. The star is perfect for the festive time of year that’s creeping towards us and the burgundy top would be perfect paired with a long cardigan or under any jumper!

Finally blouses are something I don’t wear often because I don’t like to iron if I can help it! But I quite often I spot someone in town wearing a smart blouse and jeans and they look  really nicely put together, more so than me who is usually in a T shirt! I picked these two because they look like they’d be easy to iron, and would go well with skinny jeans or a pencil skirt.


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