Creating a Home Spa to Relax in

Photo by shawnee wilborn on Unsplash


For many of us, a spa day or weekend is the ultimate treat. It’s a chance to relax and unwind while getting pampered for a while. You get to spend time looking after yourself, away from distractions and stresses. You can get treatments, massages to ease your tension, facials to improve your confidence and scrubs to improve the health and appearance of your skin. But, it’s about more than this. It’s not the treatments that make the spa day special. It’s the whole atmosphere. The time between the treatments when you are relaxing in the pool or doing absolutely nothing in the steam room is equally important, perhaps even more so.


Have you ever considered recreating this atmosphere at home? Sure, you might not have the space to add steam rooms, and you almost certainly won’t be able to hire a full-time private masseuse to cater for your every need. But, you can make some changes to your bathroom that will give you the perfect place to unwind and leave all of your stresses behind.


The Lighting


Lighting is one of the most important ingredients when it comes to creating a relaxing space. Lighting is a fantastic way to change the atmosphere and mood of any room. Bright lighting might be perfect for your morning shower. When it’s still dark outside, and you need to wake up. But, it’ll never get you in the mood to relax and destress. For this, you need something softer. You can do this by adding a dimmer switch to your main lights, or by filling your room with soft candles. Scented is fine but try to avoid anything too overpowering.


Add Flowers

Flowers add something extra to any room. Even if they are artificial like the ones from baytree, just looking at them can make you feel more relaxed and at peace. They can make you smile after a hard day. So, get some. A simple arrangement in a vase on your windowsill can grab your attention and make your room feel more peaceful. Try to choose bright colours that make you happy.


Give Yourself Options

You can add jets to your bath or expensive massage chairs if you want, but you don’t need to if you haven’t got the budget or the space. You just need options. When you get in from work and need a hot bubble bath, you don’t want to be stuck with a basic soap. You want something that softens your skin and soothes your mind. So, make sure your bathroom is always well stocked with your favourite shampoos, soaps, and bath bombs so that they are ready when you need them.



Music can be so relaxing. If you use Spotify, have a look for a spa playlist and invest in some waterproof Bluetooth speakers for your bathroom. Lie back, close your eyes and listen to the music, feeling your stresses drift away.


Take Some Time

If you want a home spa, what you need more than anything else is time. Don’t try to relax in your bubbles if you’ve got somewhere to be. Chose a time when you are free to rest for as long as you want to. It’ll be much easier to switch off.

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