Days Out: Ideas For An Adult Day Out

As you get older, the opportunities to get out and spend time on yourself grow slim. Work gets on top of you, you have a partner to consider and your priorities change completely once you have kids.

That does not mean that you have to neglect fun altogether. There are still plenty of places to go with your friends when you get the chance to indulge in an adult day out. Unfortunately, things can change very quickly and the places you used to visit may not exist anymore. We have got you covered, though, so read our list of ideas for an adult day out.

Wine Tasting

Going out and drinking isn’t the same as it used to be. The hangovers are much worse in this stage of life and you have responsibilities to attend to the next day so lying in bed is not an option. However, you can still enjoy a night of alcohol with your friends without the risk of a rough morning.

Wine tasting is a hobby that many adults engage in. It involves a group of people sipping different wines and learning about the regions in which it is grown. This is a much more low-key evening out and you can avoid a sore head as you don’t actually have to swallow the samples.


Being a parent can sometimes feel like a full workout regime in itself. As such, you don’t really want to be spending your free time getting all hot and bothered at the gym. Instead, you can try a different kind of exercise. 

Yoga is a relaxing pastime that also serves to strengthen your core muscles so that you get a full workout. There are always yoga classes that you can attend so you don’t have to do it alone, and it acts as a great way to stay in shape while relieving stress.

Adventure Days

If you did; however, want to get active during your time off, you can always opt for an adventure day. There are always loads to choose from and you can even get your family involved.

One popular example of an adventure day comes from the Tomb Raider Live Experience. This lets you be in Lara’s next adventure in an interactive way. This experience puts you in the boots of the famous Tomb Raider while you solve puzzles and get active. This is definitely a day out to consider if you are into your gaming.

Treasure Hunting

Heading out to look for treasure may sound childish on the surface, but you will find that it is a very popular hobby among adults as well. The main difference between treasure hunting as an adult comes from the fact the treasure you are looking for is real.

There are all sorts buried out there in the English countryside, and you can uncover it all with the use of a metal detector. A day out looking for hidden artefacts can be fun, and may even prove profitable if you are successful. Even if you fail to find anything of value, there is nothing wrong with an afternoon alone with your own thoughts.


Your time off is precious, so make sure you spend it responsibly. Do something you truly love, and you will find your workdays less stressful.


Photo by Zan on Unsplash. Collaborative post.

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