Everyday Us – Ice lollies

lollyI love ice cream, and it looks like my two have taken after me! Athena has always been a fan of the lovely stuff as a pudding (pizza Hut ice cream machines are her fave!) But we rarely get to enjoy a proper ice lolly, mainly because they’re so messy to eat at home!

Since the sun made an appearance we have had a couple of ice cream and lolly moments recently and Arlo has joined in, much to his confusion at first about the cold wet sticky thing that melted all down his arms! He had a mini-milk on Athena’s birthday at the beach and then a few days later when we’d all had enough of being in a chicken pox quarantine we all enjoyed a lolly in the local community garden because there’s never anyone in it and I didn’t want to risk going to the park!


I also love them having ice lollies because I get to treat myself to one (okay, a Magnum or a Cornetto normally…) at the same time! I am always amazed at exactly how sticky and messy a kid with a lolly gets in such a small space of time! Muslins as bibs are the way forward for Arlo, though Athena has mastered the art of gobbling them so quick they barely have time to drip down her chin!

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  1. You cannot beat an ice lolly. It’s a summer rite of passage. We have been obsessed with eating these lemonade and strawberry ones from Tescos recently, I have probably had one every day for about 3 weeks. Never going to lose the baby weight at this rate! And you are right, you cannot beat a Magnum, they are the best ones! 😉 x

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