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christmas books for children

Christmas is a lovely time of year for reading, it’s cold so snuggling on the sofa under the blanket is something we do a lot of! Our Christmas book collection is growing year on year, and it’s now big enough to fill up the kids little book shelf in the corner of the living room! I’ve picked five current favourites and wanted to share why we love them…

Willa and the Bear – Willa is a little girl who has lost her beloved ragdoll, but she looses it on a sleigh ride, and Willa is really upset! Thankfully the ragdoll reappears, but how? The pictures in this book are so special, really folky-feeling, they give me the warm and fuzzies! Athena really loves this book, we’ve read it every night for the past five nights at least, and she shows no signs of letting drop from the top spot!

christmas books for children christmas books for children

How Many Sleeps till Christmas – This is one we’ve had for a couple of years, it was a present from ‘Digby’ (that’s granny) and is a fun way to start counting down the days to the 25th, it talks about all the things we do to prepare for Christmas, and little bear has to learn to be patient because Christmas Day will eventually arrive!

The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas – Not entirely traditional but a fun story nonetheless! Danny gets a hungry dinosaur for Christmas, but the dinosaur just eats everything! But what goes in must come out… so await the huge christmassy poop! Needless to say this one is Arlo’s favourite, he blimming LOVES the ending!

Alfies Christmas – a true classic with those traditional illustrations I remember so fondly from my own childhood. Shirley Hughes books hold a special place in my heart and I love that my kids seem to enjoy them as much as I do!

We Wish for a Monster Christmas – This is a super fun Christmas parody of ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas’ and it’s a pretty good one too! Monsters are clearly top of the Christmas list for the brother and sister in this book & their parents give them a firm no. However they ask the big man in red and he obliges! But, a monster for Christmas might be biting off more than they could chew!

christmas books for children

I have a copy of ‘We wish for a Monster Christmas’  to give away too! The giveaway ends on the 14th so I can get it in the post in time for Christmas with any luck! It’s a gorgeous hard backed edition so the perfect gift!

christmas books for children

Wish for a Monster Christmas

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