Festive Gift Guide: For Guys


My last gift guide was for the ladies, this one is for the gents in your life, husbands, brothers, dads or cousins, hopefully something to suit someone on your gift buying list! 


I love these family bear T shirts! You can pick the sizes you want and if you’re not a family that dresses up in their finest for Christmas dinner these would be a great family alternative I think! There are a few other similar designs available too if bears aren’t your thing!

img_0668 img_0670

I think most guys would be pretty happy with a new watch, my husband likes to have a watch for home and a watch for work, and has now got a watch for ‘best’ thanks to Watches2U, although I’ve actually pinched it a couple of times already as I think it’s too nice to be kept in a box for a special occasion! The Krug Baumen range caters for ladies and gents, with a huge range of styles and strap colours! This model has a date display, three separate dials and looks really good peeking from beneath his shirt cuffs! Sam really likes the blue steel hands too, something neither he or I had seen before!

If you know your giftee fairly well then a personalised Initial print could be a great gift, you can input meaningful things, like names of family, favourite sports teams, place of birth, jobs etc and come up with a personalised letter printed and framed! You can find out more and test it out here.




Something neither I nor Sam knew we needed is a dashcam, but having used the MiVue 658 WIFI dashcam for a few weeks now we’re both a bit hooked! Me because I’m waiting for someone to do something stupid so I can catch it on camera and report them, and Sam for sort of the same reason but also for the more sensible reason that in the event we are in an accident we will have proof of exactly what happened, for example. He and a friend did a road trip to Germany last month and took it with them and had peace of mind that they would have footage of anything untoward, and that it was immediately accessible on a phone via wifi. It’s touch screen so easy to use, plus it has GPS tracking and a speed alarm with free monthly updates for as long as the dashcam works!



Yankee Candle are thinking about the guys this year too, with their Barbershop collection. Scents include Hot towel, sandalwood and aftershave, and come in suitably manly looking containers!


Finally three pretty blokey advent calendar choices! First up is the Bourbon Advent Calendar, a treat for any bourbon fan, then there is one for any guy with a goatee, or regular beard because does anyone have a goatee these days? The Beard Oil calendar, and then there is one suited to any gent who likes to BBQ and likes to experiment with spice… the BBQ Deluxe spice calendar!


Some of these items were provided to me for potential inclusion in the gift guide, As always my words and opinions are my own!

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