Just a little post to explain the silence over here really. I’ve lost the last four days to flu and it’s been miserable. Especially as it coincided with the start of the kids half term, and our lovely lazy day and then weekend of fun was halted by me not being able to get out of bed, though they had fun absolutely wrecking the house. Every so often one of them would come to see me in bed, shake me awake and ask if they could ‘play with magic sand’ or ‘do some painting’ I kept saying “no, not right now, I’ll try and get up soon…” before promptly passing out again. Needless to say when Sam got home from work that day (self employed life – we can’t afford from him to take time off even if I’m bed-bound) the place was in chaos.

In their infinite wisdom they had added water to the magic sand and then liberally spread it around the living room, as well as attacking my make up drawers and squirting perfume all over themselves. Sam came home to them washing each others feet using a whole bottle of hand soap in the bathroom sink. He also found 7 yogurt cartons each with a brand new tea spoon in in the living room alongside more than a handful of babybel wrappers… despite making them a sandwich each and leaving them in the fridge!


Anyway, I woke up this morning feeling a lot more refreshed as I obviously managed to get some proper sleep (why did it take me three days to work out sleeping propped up on four pillows was the answer?) and had a hot bath and managed to eat some pasta for lunch. I can walk without feeling wobbly and even though I’m not 100% better I am definitely ready to pretend I am so I can get back to normal! Finally… bring on the half term!


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  1. Can relate to how you’re feeling. I been like this myself on Monday, 18 February – not very well. Much better the following day 🙂

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