Freelancing: Why you need to use an invoice template

As a freelancer, you probably spend a lot of your time sending invoices, waiting for payments and chasing clients. It can be a frustrating way to work and it’s a sad fact that many companies don’t pay freelancers on time, causing lots of difficulties. A client that pays on time is a rare and welcome relief.

Sending invoices can also be tricky, with different clients having different requirements. If you’re finding it tedious and frustrating, it might be time to start using invoice templates from Here’s how using an invoice template could help you. 

More professional

As a freelancer, it’s important to look professional. You don’t have an employer so you need to present yourself in the best possible manner. Using an invoice template will help to give some credibility to your “brand” and make you seem more professional. A regular client will respect an invoice that always looks the same and follows an industry format. It shows that you take your job seriously – and want to make theirs easier, too.  

Lots of choices 

You might be thinking: but I don’t want my invoices to look the same as everyone else’s. You want to stand out. And that’s fine. Using an invoice template doesn’t mean that your invoices look boring or lack originality. In fact, there are plenty of ways to personalise your invoices and make them stand out while following a template. Using a template simply makes it easier to be creative; helping to keep it professional while incorporating your own style. 

Organising client information

It’s important to have all your information easily accessible. You might need to go back to an invoice and double check some information or contact the client. Using a template means that all relevant client information is always in the same place, thus making it easy to find. No more scrolling through hours of paperwork trying to find one client you’ve forgotten the name of.

Paying tax

As a freelancer, you have to organise and pay your own tax. This can be challenging, especially for beginners. However, invoice templates make this much easier. When the end of the tax year approaches, you’ll find all your invoices in one place and will spend less time searching for important data. You want to pay your tax properly to avoid any fees or complications, so using invoice templates will be a huge relief. 


It’s too easy to make a mistake on an invoice. Perhaps you added the wrong client address or miscalculated the payment. While it can be easy, doing so can cause a lot of issues. The client has to get back to you, tell you about the mistake and you need to rectify the issue. And then your payment becomes delayed. Avoid making mistakes on your invoices by using invoice templates. Templates can help with recurring payments or clients and will automate the information, ensuring that it is always correct. The more reliable the invoice, the quicker the payment. 

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